’s Jonah Hex Movie Mashup Contest

Do you have a concept for putting Jonah Hex into some movie poster where he had never been before, yet had no outlet for that amazingly specific creative impulse?  Good news Hex fans! is sponsoring a contest just for you.  Create your very own Jonah Hex Movie Mashup Poster, and you could with a signed copy of Jonah Hex: No Way Back, 5 free comics from, and some other goodies.  Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, the writers of the Hex comic book, will be judging the entries. 

Get more details at's The Couch.


  1. These should be good.

  2. What about inserting him in some Schick ads?

  3. I’ve already got some ideas.

  4. This is why people need to go the tuesday chat, it’s spawns awesome ideas like this. Anyone that was there #Hex became a tag knows what I’m talking about! I just wish I had photoshop skilles, even bad, sooooo many ideas.

  5. Our first submission just went up over on The Couch.  Now all I can think about is how different said movie would have been with Jonah Hex in it.  Especially in the role that he was "casted" in for the movie poster.

    @Jurrasicalien – I wouldn’t let limited photoshop skills stop you.  If you have one do the best you can.