Releases Digital Comics on Android

Today announced the release of their long awaited Android application, which was talked up about over at Robot6 on CBR and Mashable.  This marks's first entry into the growing Android marketplace, as well as the only place on Android where comic fans can read Marvel Comics, in addition to the over 150 publisher collections that offers including Archaia, BOOM! Studios, Archie Comics, IDW Publishing and tons more.

The app allows you to buy and read comics on any Android phone or device (including the new tablets that are coming to market), as well as sync your comic purchases from other platforms such as the Desktop or iOS apps.  In addition to that, for Android also has a social stream, so you can keep track of what your friends are reading on

Android Users can install the Android App in the Android Marketplace.

[Disclaimer: iFanboy is owned by and the writer is an avid Android user and fan, so he's a bit biased at every turn.]


  1. Yes! This will make my Nook Color purchase even better!

  2. Awesome, Downloaded and browsing now

  3. About time!

  4. i’ll give it a test drive on my android phone, but waiting to figure out which tablet i’m getting. Very cool news indeed. So far the comics available for android have been 3rd tier. 

  5. Oh… oh this is SOOOOOOO good, $1-3 per comic, I’m in HEAVEN! No more $10-$18 single issues for Luke! OH YEH!

  6. I got an IM this am that the app works well on a Nook Color. you have to root it, but its $250 vs $800 for the Xoom. 

    Here are some rooting instructions: (not that I would condone or suggest or whatever I need to say so as to not get in trouble) 

  7. If you’ve been using the beta on Android, you will need to uninstall that before downloading it from the Market.  

  8. I was unable to install it initially and that’s what I was told to do.

  9. Super happy to see this!

  10. Android is still around?

  11. @AquaPimp82  –33 million (and change) units sold last quarter, across all the major providers and control twice the size of Apple’s market share. so yeah i think they are still around. 

  12. @wallythegreenmonster  33 million sold and no one seems to really give a damn about it. Why is it developers usually release an iOS version way before an Android version? Why did do the same?

  13. Love it! I just installed it today and I’m already concerned about the soon to be depletion in my bank account.

  14. Rooted Nook color + + ComiXology = Win!

  15. This is awesome!! rooted nook sounds like a great idea now!!!   

    um, on a side note, the .ly is lybia right???   um,   how’s that going for you all?? 

  16. @AquaPimp82  –i think its stupid as well. the iPhone is the “sexier product” and has a foothold in the creative industry so creatives want to develop for it. Also i’ve found that many of the best and biggest apps on the android that are free, are paid on the iPhone. I suspect this is a HUGE reason why the iOS platform is developed first. From my experience clients (even had huge companies) are cheapskates. They go for the sexy thing first and push for the pedestrian thing second, which isn’t always the best strategy.

  17. Comixology is on Android too, and don’t forget the iOS was out first that’s why developers developed for it first, with apple playing their “everyone owes us 30% of everything” done on their iOS devices, developers will stop developing for iOS, comics have been under that apple radar so far, I think because they don’t offer subscriptions? or do they?  probably because they seem to be like a once and done purchase, idk, just iOS isn’t all that, $300 netbooks are more powerful, more storage, more everything than the top of the line $900 iPad, the iPad is sexy as the v-6 Ford Mustang, netbooks are more like Volvos , anyway Android has it’s problems no denying, and it’s great to give Apple some competiion, Also android plays the get paid through advertising game which is how most media already works, apple seems to want to retrain the media companies and buyers of media to  pay for their content, which is an uphill battle. 

    bottom line, android is playing catch up right now  but with apple’s once a year upgrade schedule vs android’s new device every 3 months,  it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out

    here’s to hoping I didn’t waste all that money one how to develop for android books :-p