Grant Morrison Gets Prehistoric with DINOSAURS VERSUS ALIENS

News from Deadline is Grant Morrison will be taking a shot at screenwriting with a new project from Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld. Dominion: Dinosaurs Versus Aliens will be developed simultaneously as a graphic novel and movie in partnership with Liquid Comics.

You read that right. Dinosaurs. Versus. Aliens.

As you can probably guess from the title, the story centers on a prehistoric battle between invading aliens and the super-intelligent dinosaurs roaming the Earth. Sonnenfeld has said, “Growing up, my fascination was all things dinosaur, and as an adult, I've had some success making films about aliens, so this is a dream come true." That right there is what they call Hollywood Magic.

Morrison will be writing both the screenplay for the film and the script for the graphic novel. The comic is set to come out later this year, in both print and digital formats, with art by Mukesh Singh. Morrison and Singh have another project coming out in August called 18 Days from Liquid Comics and Dynamite Entertainment.

I’m not gonna lie, my inner ten-year old is thinking this is the greatest thing since He-Man teamed up with She-Ra and so much cooler than The Land Before Time. Cause really, who doesn’t want to see a T-Rex take out a UFO?

I think Morrison is the perfect match for this project. Wacky high concepts are his strong suit, and if anyone can make this work without it turning into a SyFy original movie, it’s him. I can see his script having a We3 or Seven Soldiers kind of vibe that will just really work for this kind of thing. At least for the comic – I’m not sure how well it’ll translate on film. It’s really difficult to balance quirky and campy elements. While I think Sonnenfeld nailed it with the first Men in Black movie and Pushing Daisies, he also missed it by a long shot with Wild Wild West. But I like to be optimistic about these things.

Plus, it’s freaking dinosaurs fighting aliens.


  1. The moment I read this on CBR yesterday I was like:

    Yeah….That feels like a Morrison idea.

    I’ll buy both when it comes out. 

  2. Forget Cowboys V Aliens, THIS is what gets my attention… And not only because Morrison is involved (although thy certainly helps)

  3. I’m hesitant on this, if it wasn’t for Morrison I’d roll my eyes so hard and far that they’d probably fall out of my head, thus making it difficult to ever watch movies again. The hope is that this is pure morrison, and not something that get’s written, digested through the Hollywood system, dumbed down and then eventually turns into a pile of Dino Droppings.

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  4. I just hope there’s at least one scene where we see a super-intelligent dinosaur scientist in a lab coat.

  5. I… I think I have something in my eye…

  6. I have to go lie down now.

  7. I eagerly aware Aliens vs. Aliens.

  8. @Adrian – YES!!!!

    Seriously guys. Dinosaurs fighting aliens. This is amazing.

  9. @stuclach What about Dinosaurs vs Aliens vs Zombies vs Mothra in a steel cage octagon.

  10. Clearly I meant to type await, not aware.  Sorry.

    @ato220  That too.

  11. Well, I think I just died and went to whatever passes for heaven in Morrison’s cosmology. 

  12. So…are Dinosaurs gonna supplant Zombies in comics this year?

    The Emperor is Nekkid – goddamnit!

  13. turn up the foghat, I’m coming home !

  14. I just realized… what’s the saucer section of the Enterprise-D doing there?

  15. When hasnt anyone thought to do this before?! 😀

  16. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Anybody remember Leonard Nimoy’s PriMortals? Aliens abduct dinosaurs, dinosaurs evolve into sentient heros. 

  17. Personally, I’d like to see Writers Vs. Deadlines…

  18. @PaulMontgomery – I do! Was that the same comic line that made Neil Gaiman’s “Teknophage”?

    @brassai2003  – Ha! That happens quite often, and we know who wins there…

  19. This sounds like a dumb idea, unless Grant Morrison or Mark Schultz aren’t doing it.

  20. @OliverTwist  Meant unless Grant Morrison or Mark Schultz are doing it.