Grab Bag – Back to School Edition


Okay, I gotta tell ya, after a day of filming, flying, driving, looking for parking spaces, a 7am meeting tomorrow morning, and losing my first draft by a dumb mistake, I gotta tell you: the pull of the Grab Bag still calls me.  Loudly. So, it's just you, me, a sore tooth and a margarita to get through some news and other junk that caught my eye. Let's do this, shall we?



So, one thing. I talked a bit (okay, more than a bit) about Hulu+, and figured I give you an update.  Is it worth $10 a month?  No. I mean, no.  The problem is, not all of the shows they say are there are actually there.  I mean, I hear they are going to address this, but if you wanted to rely on Hulu+ to catch up on shows? Like, Lost and other big time new shows?  Netflix is for you, my friend. But, if you find yourself after a long night out wanting to relive your childhood?  It is the bomb. I was up at 4am Sunday morning watching old episodes of Robotech (the Macross saga, I guess I am supposed to call it now).  What a dream.  When I was a kid, every weekday at 3:30, armed with a TV "snack" (chicken wings and tater tots–golden delicious), I would watch that show, volume turned on loud.  I am going to give it one more month, because I am curious to see how the new season of TV is presented on it.  We'll see. In a few weeks, though, I am getting an AppleTV. Yes, I know, the Boxee Box looks super keen, but, for reasons that will become clear next month, I am gonna go with the Apple box. We'll see. (Or maybe I will just drop the whole effort and use VLC on my iPad? Naaah…still, that's good news!)


Now, to be clear, I have no time at all to play videogames. That being said, Halo: Reach is going to be played and I am going to finish it and I am going to play it until I pass out when my wife Whitney is gone this weekend.  I will show up to work Monday with red eyes, sore thumbs and eye bags, but will I care? No. You've read the reviews, I am sure, but my goodness — this game is so fun. So. Fun.  I have played it a few hours so far and I have been really impressed with the epic nature, the fast firefights, the great music and the characterization of the NPCs, not to mention it is a thrill to play the campaign with three other friends.  I have heard some complaints that the game stresses out the five year old system, but so far, it's looking pretty hot…but does make me wonder when Microsoft will introduce an updated system.  We shall see. Suffice to say, Bungie's final Halo title is a winner, through and through.


I'll admit it, I talk a good game, but when it comes to science fiction movies, while I have some favorites and can spend quite a few hours dissecting many a space epic, I am not all that good when it comes to the foreign science fiction films. (Notice how somehow, when movies are foreign, they become "films.") This list by i09 might be of some help. And while that list might bolster your Netflix queue a bit, I would be remiss if I didn't point you to the latest trailer for Space Battleship Yamato — a live action remake of the classic animated series.  I think it looks super fun, and will definitely make a point of seeing in theaters. It's a real treat to see how the designers handled the ships, costumes and…well, the hair–I mean, this looks so awesome! I wonder what the release situation will before US…



Lest you think that the Grab Bag never has comic book news, let me dig out this little nugget, again from i09, of Grant Morrison discussing Pax Americana, his "tribute" to Watchmen.  I had heard of the title, but didn't know the specifics, and certainly didn't know he would have characters that were based on Alan Moore's characters. On more-movie-news-but-kinda-related-to-comics, according to Aaron "Ass-Kicked" Johnson, we won't see Kick Ass 2 any time soon. I guess Mark Millar is busy finishing up Nemesis (I got the first issue but was kind of turned off by it, I will admit) so Tony Scott can get started directing it, and he's still working on War Heroes and Wanted 2. Man…Mark Millar must be rich. I think it's probably for the best–I quite enjoyed Kick Ass, but unless the second story takes place when our hero is in his 20's (which, you know, could work), it really needs to be in production now.  Who knows?  One thing seems to be sure: there are a lot of comic book movies still coming out! On, in other news…Keaunu wants to make another Bill and Ted's movie??


Finally, since it's getting late and my teeth are really aching thanks to the ice (I got my silver fillings removed and ceramic ones put in and I am beginning to regret the decision), I am gonna do a rapid fire ending here. I am a total architecture fan, and two concepts really caught my eye this week: these solar powered towers in Abu Dhabi and the possible solar powered stadium in San Francisco (to be built if the city gets the World Cup).  Pretty neat stuff. I am terrible at these kinds of games, but I am sure there are a few of you out there that want to hear about the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom 3 game that was previewed at the TokyoGame show.  I enjoyed this article about the nightmare that is 3DTV, probably because I am getting cranky and cheap in my old age. But, seriously–my wife works at NASA and I had no idea that we were firing frickin' lasers at the moon, but I guess that's what we did on Saturday.  I used to be a huge flickr fan, but I haven't updated in awhile…but I still love the site, which just celebrated the uploading of its 5 billionth photo yesterday.  Finally for those of you who fly a lot? Bookmark on your mobile device–this is a great little site that gives you very, very up-to-date information on flights. It's been a real help for me over the past few weeks.


So, guys and gals, that's it for this month. Sorry it's a bit light, I'll make it up to ya, I promise. I gotta go read some comics and hit the sack.  


See ya next week!


Mike Romo is an actor in LA, and he's quick to say that he likes LA, dammit!  You can email him here or twitter away here.


  1. I caught up on all the Macross stuff on Netflix recently. I’m going to watch the movies next. Picked up Halo Reach as well. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to play it but so far looks good.

  2. 1. the Yamato movie is not coming to US theatres. 

    2. Grant Morrison should be ashamed of himself. 

  3. Great grab bag. I too have no time to play Halo, but I will get around to playing it once my red-ringed brand new xbox comes back to me from Microsoft.

  4. Hulu died for me the day it lost the Daily Show and Colbert Report. I’ve barely visited the site since, definitely not paying 10 bucks a month.

  5. I love lost a lot. Is that for real? VLC for iPad? Oh, God. That would be great! I will not be able to miss my favorite videos. Apple is expanding its distribution of the iPad by making the Kindle Destroyer available at Amazon. I’m so glad about it.