Google Shows Eisner Respect

Today, March 6, would hav been Will Eisner's 94th birthday, and if you go to the Google home page, they're showing their comic book cred, where you're see the following image.

I can't believe I just linked to Google. Nice job, billionaires!


  1. is so boring! We get nothing…

  2. Nothing here on our local google as well. BOOOOO!

  3. I just saw this. Very impressed!

  4. Very cool, certainly didn’t expect that this morning. 

  5. stupid is the same as always

  6. Nothing on my google 🙁

  7. Very cool. God bless, Mr Eisner.

  8. that’s fantastic

  9. Eisner was such an amazing storyteller/artist. But is it wrong of me to think of him as a racist after reading so much about Dwayne McDuffie recently and DM’s pointing out character/caricatures like Ebonie White? It taints my appreciation of Eisner, that’s for sure.