GLAAD honors Detective Comics as Outstanding Comic Book

I saw it on The Source this morning, and was very pleased to learn that Rucka's Detective Comics won a GLAAD award for Outstanding Comic Book.  He can put that up on the shelf next to all the Picks of the Week we've doled out.  The book stars Batwoman, Kate Kane, a woman determined to fight crime after being booted from the military for being gay.  This news no doubt delights Rucka, a writer keenly concerned with equality and gender issues.  It's a nice feather in the cap for a long delayed story that was finally released to masive critical acclaim, due in large part to the amazing art of JH Williams III and Dave Stewart. 


  1. Interesting. Is that a reward they’ve handed out before? If so, what were the previous winners?

  2. This is great news.  Congrats to Rucka and Williams.  It’s tough to create such a hot button topic and it not overshadow or weigh down the medium.  Comics should be great reading and still supply a message.  This is a prime example of that.

  3. Checking their site, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” won last year. I didn’t see any info on previous years.

  4. Its nice to see comics make good strides, especially when so many movies and TV shows make the cheap "fag" and "homo" jokes. Huza for comics!

  5. Well-deserved win. The "GO" arc in particular seemed like a historical breakthrough of sorts. Though I agree with Rucka politically almost to a T (I think), I also appreciated how his work with Kate hasn’t felt heavy-handed or preachy (not that being preachy on these issues would necessarily be an inherently bad thing). The positive LBGT vibe has seemed perfectly natural, skirting all stereotypes and emotional shortcuts, delivering a great lesbian hero.

    Here’s hoping that the Batwoman series comes out soonish–although JH Williams is one of the few artists who I’d give almost infinite time to, because the wait and the care he puts into his art is worth it.

  6. I’m not an expert on the award but I think I remember reading that Ed Brubaker & Darwyn Cooke’s ‘Catwoman’ run won this in the past, or something similar. 

    Great news about this recognition for Rucka & Co, and it’s well-deserved.

  7. Great to hear the recognition. Rucka (and Morrison in a way) have done a great job establishing who Batwoman is. Sadly DC promoted her as a ‘lipstick lesbian’ at first…..but now they seem to know how to write and advertise her where it doesn’t matter what her sexual preference is.

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Very cool. 

  9. I’m glad to hear a book I love so much get some recognition for being as awesome as it is.

  10. This is only the start. Pile on the awards.

  11. I love that Detective’s amazing run is getting more recognition. Hopefully, there’ll be a day soon when I don’t have to follow-up saying "Batwoman" without having to explain her in detail.

  12. the art is the sole reason this book has been getting so much love the story is very mehh..

  13. a great honor for a great comic from a great creative team

  14. It does not  get any better than this comic book. It can’t.

  15. Kate’s decision to have personal integrity while coming out, knowing that she would forsake all that she worked for, was a great storyline. We don’t see dignity and honor displayed as often as it is needed. Kudo’s to Rucka for getting it dead on. 

  16. Seems like a well deserved honor.  Congrats to that highly skilled team.

  17. @flakbait and ohcaroline   I also think The Authority has won a couple of times for the depiction of Midnighter and Apollo’s relationship

  18. Fredric Wertham must be rolling in his grave …

  19. That’s an awesome thought.