Antony Johnston Discusses Getting Things Written

With the recent discussion on writing comics, I thought that this post by Antony Johnston would be interested to everyone. In the post, Antony, who writes Wasteland from Oni Press, explains his method of organizing his work load, which in turn enables him to be able to write.

While this isn’t specifically about writing as a practice, it speaks to an often underestimated aspect of doing anything, be it writing, drawing or what have you. Your work process can often be the difference between high productivity and success and frustration and failure. Personally, I’m a big fan of the Getting Things Done method of working, which while sometimes comes off cult-like — is actually a great, easy way to approach your work and ensure you can do it without being distracted or dragged down by the glut that comes with trying to sit down and just do work.

I love it when creators give us a snapshot of their world. We’ve seen studios from artists etc, but this is an interesting angle to see how a writer approaches the process of writing and creating comic books.


  1. thanks for posting this ron, it was really helpful and this’ll definitely come in handy…

  2. I’ve recently read the first trade of Wasteland, and at some point, I do plan on talking about it.

  3. Many thanks for the post, Ron! It’s things like this that really make this site feel like a real community in the best sense of the word.