Get Some Really Expensive Iron Man Movie Stuff at Auction

If there's an Iron Man movie prop sized hole in your soul, and you've got cash to burn, you've got something to look forward to.  Marvel Studios will be auctioning off over 225 items from the first Iron Man film at C2E2 in Chicago this year, from April 16-18.  Items go to the highest bidder. If you can't make it to the show, but you're still unanswerable to a spouse or have a secret account, and room in which to hold these things, you can also take part in the auction in real time via, of all things, the internet at

Choose from such goodies as:

Tony Stark's Pinstripe Suit.


The Mark I "Hero" RT Unit.

or perhaps, the first Iron Man mask?

For more information, you can order the whole prop catalog here, and get info on C2E2 here.

Maybe Conor will come home with a Stark Industries Sonic Taser!


  1. Well I did just get my tax refund.

  2. It’s a nice suit but I barely have enough closet space for my own clothes, let alone someone else’s.

  3. What size is Robert Downey Jr? I don’t want to buy a suit that doesn’t fit!