Get Onboard with Image Comics in April

Not to leave all the comics news to Marvel and DC, today Image Comics made a really cool announcement for people looking to try new comics.  As part of a lead up to Free Comic Book Day in May, Image announced that they will be releasing 10 reprints of the first issue of many of their most popular titles.  Not only will they be popular titles, but they will represent a cross section of most of what Image has to offer.  The books that will be getting the first issue reprint treatment are and their shipping dates are:

Youngblood #1 by Rob Liefeld & Joe Casey – 03/31/10
The Walking Dead #1 by Robert Kirkman & Tony Moore – 03/31/10
Spawn #1 by Todd McFarlane – 04/07/10
Chew #1 by John Layman & Rob Guillory – 04/07/10
Savage Dragon #1 by Erik Larsen – 04/14/10
Age of Bronze #1 by Eric Shanower – 04/14/10
Witchblade #1 by David Wohl, Christina Z. & Michael Turner – 04/21/10
Girls #1 by the Luna Brothers – 04/21/10
Invincible #1 – by Robert Kirkman & Cory Walker – 04/28/10
Proof #1 – by Alex Grecian & Riley Rossmo – 04/28/10

A mix of old and new, super heroes, horror, historical, off beat, weird and funny, this cross section of Image Comics should surely have at least something for everyone, if not several books that may be worth checking out.  Each issue is meant to work as a primer for the series, so if you dig it, you can go pick up the trade paperbacks or ongoing issues.

And the best part? Each issue is ONE DOLLAR.  That's it.  One dollar for 32 pages of guaranteed good comics.  You will have no excuse not to finally check out The Walking Dead or Chew or Witchblade.


  1. That Walking Dead cover looks really good.

  2. Great idea, especially for FCBD.

    Although it’s funny now that almost all the big companies do this. Offer their big #1 issues for a dollar.

  3. Pretty cool but I like when vertigo released the 1st issues of new series (sweet tooth and unwritten) both issues worked on me as both are on my pull list now

  4. Man Image really has a vast array of books. So unique all of them!

  5. Very nice idea, and the books do show Image’s diverse line. But does anyone at this point not have a copy of Spawn #1?

  6. I recommend Walking Dead, Invincible, Chew, Savage Dragon and Age of Bronze. Clearly, I’m already on board with Image.

  7. I don’t have a copy of Spawn #1. But I still probably wouldn’t pick it up, even at a dollar. Nothing against it, I’m just not interested.

  8. If Spawn #1 has a new McFarlane cover I might pick it up. I have fond memories, but I’m not interested in Spawn today.

  9. That’s classy, Image always seems to take care of the customers and help them get on board. I’ll pick them all up I think. Maybe compare Walking Dead in iss to my trade.

  10. For the pro-digital people out there, Age of Bronze, Savage Dragon, Girls, Invincible, Proof and quite a few #1’s that aren’t part of this promotion are available for free on Image’s website.

    I remember about a year ago they had Walking Dead and I’m pretty sure Youngblood up there too, so it’s definitely a changing selection. 

  11. Chew #1 sells out again in 3…2…

  12. Cool. I’m in for Chew and Invincible

  13. i’m gonna get savage dragon and invincible

  14. savage dragon and walking dead

  15. I’ll probably buy most of these.  I’m going to buy The Walking Dead, Invincible, Chew, Proof, and Girls for me.  The other stuff that I either already have or don’t want I’ll buy to give to people. I wish Marvel would try something like this.

  16. Hmm, why stop there, with Savage Dragon in particular, why not re-release all the trades at a reduced price as well? The first issue is fine and dandy, but it’s up to 156 now and people want to read em all! I have the Savage Dragon archives Vol 1-2, but a lot of the trades that come after those are out of print.

  17. I was just reorganizing my shelves and saw that I have more Image than Marvel.  Though DC dominates most of the space, I was surprised to see that Image came in 2nd!

  18. Seems a little strange. What, do they expect people to pick up the first issue and then jump to whatver random issue is currently out? I guess it’s a cheap way to try a new series out, but some of these have bargain priced first trades which is probably a better option.

  19. Some people won’t even try bargain priced trades becaus $9.99 is still alot of money for something you may not like. Others may not even know about the existence of some of these trades if their shops doesn’t stock them.  This should put cheap copies of the first issues in front of people’s faces.  Someone without any knowledge of a book is more likely to try something for $1 than $9.99.

    I’m glad to see this for books like Proof and Girls which are fantastic, but haven’t sold that great.

  20. Definitely check out Age of Bronze if you like history or mythology. Just be prepared to wait a while between issues.

  21. wow, cool idea!