G. Willow Wilson Is a Breath of Fresh AIR in SUPERMAN #704

This October, Superman readers will see a brief respite from Grounded, the ongoing storyline that makes you feel like you've been sent to your room without supper by JMS. Writer G. Willow Wilson (Air, Vixen: Return of the Lion) and artist Leandro Oliveira step in to show what life could've been for Lois Lane. While Superman is off shooting hoops and sparking escalation in urban crime, Lois–the real one, not the fetish robot–takes a trip to the town where she went to school and meets up with an old sweetheart who went on to marry and start a family.

Here's a look at Cassaday's cover, courtesy of DC:

But that sounds like filler, some of you are yowling. Well, many great stories are just that. In fact, every story is just that. It's a pastime. And it's ours. Besides, this is a Lois story! And part of me believes that if the numbers are right and the voices are loud, it might not be the last Lois story. I'd like to live in a world where we had a Lois ongoing. Because she's one of our icons. And the female hero books are of an exceptionally high quality of late, so I like to think this pipedream of mine might not be so quixotic Wilson is a great new voice in comics, and I'm excited to see her take on this very important, totally versatile and vibrant character. 

Superman #704 hits the shelves in October. 


  1. Yeah I’d rather not read filler. Especially since this is only happening because JMS couldn’t finish an issue on time.

    Although they seemed to have hired a porn artist for this title so that’s interesting. 

  2. I was actually just talking to TNC about this on Twitter. I’m more tempted to read this "filler" book than the main Superman story.

  3. Personally, I’m not reading the JMS run, but I might pick this up. I’ve liked some of Wilson’s stuff, and given that she’s a journalist, a Lois story could be a natural fit for her. This could end up a perfect little gem. Or not. We won’t know until we read it. Filler-schmiller, I say. How about we just judge the story on its own merit and now how it came to be?

  4. Other then the book Cairo I haven’t heard anything good coming out of Wilson’s writing.

    Although researching more on the artist, I am very intrigued to see it…..So more research needs to be done 🙂 

  5. I agree with Paul, I love Lois Lane, and really wish DC would give us a modern Lois Lane comic. In fact, Paul Cornell at SDCC said he’d love to write that series, so fingers crossed.

    One other thing, this is just the continuity stickler in me, but I thought Lois was born and bred in Metropolis? You know, the ultimate big city girl to Clarks small town roots

  6. I dropped Superman because I do not dig JMS or Grounded, but I will pick up this issue!

  7. I rarely (if ever) read in-continuity Superman stories, but I definitely be picking this up!

  8. Think about it. What soul your life be like in superman’s shadow? Wouldn’t a normal life be tempting, and certainly likely to be more healthy!

  9. “would” not soul. Sorry

  10. I am only reading JMS run because it will surely be a a great repository for Superdickery.com.

  11. Wait a minute, how long has Superman beeb away from his wife?

    He was a year away in New Krypton, and now he just walk away from Lois?

  12. i loved air and im totaly getting this


  13. Dude, what is up with Cassaday’s covers lately? I normally love the guy but these have been snoretastic, not to mentioned poorly composed. Just because you might be able to do good covers in your sleep doesn’t mean you should literally try it.

  14. @Wheelhands Totaly, I used to look forward to new Cassady stuff, but lately it’s been embarrssing work.

  15. Did a dog eat JMS’s homework?

  16. I dig the concept and the background of cover, the couple w/ the baby not so much

  17. @MoniBolis: Her & his job. We was on "bereavement leave", and right after coming back (without even stopping in the office) he is being paid for a road trip to cover his own walk.  How does that work, and are they hiring?

  18. I don’t normally buy Superman titles, but I would absolutely buy a Lois title.  For from filler, this sounds like just what I want to read!

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  20. Sigh… 

    In my opinion, i think and feel this sounds horrible because personally i don’t enjoy the work of G. Willow Wilson. 

  21. I have dropped the crap out of this book. See Ya Superman. JMS just doesn’t have a good grip on the character in this book. I don’t get it, his Wonder Woman is really awesome.