From The iFanboy Archives: The Silent POW Review

It’s been talked about on the podcasts and speculated about on the forums, where Six Gun, one of the iFanboy faithful asked that we dig up the Silent Pick of the Week review. Well, we’ve heeded his call and successfully found it.

January, 2002 – Uncanny X-Men #401 was the pick – it was Uncanny X-Men’s entry into the “‘Nuff Said” event, where all Marvel books went silent. So in turn, when writing the Pick of the Week review, i decided to not use words and instead draw my review.

As you’ll see, this was perhaps best left to be reminisced about as opposed to actually presented again, but alas, the people have spoken. Click through to see why I never became a comic book artist.



  1. watch out world

  2. This proves that not only is Ron the Da Vinci of our era, but he is also a man of his word!

  3. That’s a mighty big watch(?) band. I’d put in a call to Marvel if I were you. If they’ll hire Greg Land, why not you?

  4. Thanks Ron and Josh and Conor were wrong, that was worth seeing. I can just imagine the early days when it was just you guys and The Dude Abides and them seeing that review go up in the place of a text piece.


  5. Just noticed the sideburns… awesome!

  6. Who knew stick figures could be so…dynamic?!? The emotion pouring if each page gives me goose pimples!

    …Of course, it is also kind of cold in my house, so it could just be that.

    But no! It’s the emotion dripping from each panel!!

  7. I like that the signature almost outshines the artwork. :-p

  8. Wow just wow…….

  9. Nice. Who can’t relate?

  10. In the first panel, is that a frown, or a sweet sweet Ron Jeremy Stash? Could’ve been, we don’t know what you looked like back then.