Fringe – S01E19 – The Road Not Taken

Tonight’s episode – The Road Not Taken

The big Fringe news this week is that Fox announced that the show has been renewed for next season with a full season order for 22 episodes.  That’s exciting, especially these days when it seems like all the shows I really like go away just when they start to get interesting.

Tonight we inch ever closer to Leonard Nimoy’s story arc and the teaser for tonight’s episode shows a Spock reference. Normally, I’d find that annoying, but all the Star Trek build-up has me excited so I’m all in.

Also! The  creepy bald dude is back!

I think this is going to be a good one!

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. Lets do it to it

  2. I’m pretty sure that guy from American Idol just broke my ears.

  3. "For those of you just joining us… be you agents or AMERICAN IDOL viewers."

  4. this show is all about innocent civilians getting it in horrible and cruel ways

  5. "What do we do? What don’t we do?" is a badass slogan

    Also I’ve never had a bus driver ask me how I was doing so I know this is Sci-Fi

  6. Massive Dynamic’s ads are very similar to Veridian Dynamic’s ads.


  7. That girl is hot! Quite literally.

  8. kablam

  9. @conor: Massive Dynamics, Veridian Dynamics and Global Dynamics are all the same company; I’m sure of it.

  10. "William Bell was ambitious, egotistical, tempermental… and oddly, very logical."

  11. Oh speaking of John Noble, I just saw his daughter Samantha Noble in a badass movie called Gabriel. Awesome movie about arch angels fighting in purgatory.

  12. wow, its Pompeii

  13. waaah?

  14. Walter just made a Ghostbusters ref. Two points.

  15. I’m just waiting for the Massive Dynamics lady to crush something with her bionic arm

  16. So Olivia is seeing things… next they’re going to tell me that she has talked to her dead boyfriend…

  17. I don’t think the FBI are "street thugs" – unless she’s talking about his time in Baltimore

  18. Whenever some corporate type tells the cops "I’m not one of your street thugs!" or a variation thereof, they are usually guilty.

  19. he’s traveling…exploring strange new worlds

  20. @conor lol.

  21. lol Walter, loved how he said that line as he started hacking into stuff.

  22. Olivia’s developing multiversal vision; she’s friggin Access

  23. Olivia has gone bye bye, Egon. What have you got left?

  24. uh oh…someone is rewriting the timeline/reality…always a bad sign

  25. Oh snap. Olivia’s going nutballs.

  26. Grrr this jackass is back. I hope he gets sucked into a time warp.

  27. christ…will someone pleeeeeease punch that dude

  28. It’s William Bell — in SPACE!

  29. I’m soooooo excited for Star Trek @conor – did you enjoy?

  30. Yay! I get to see Star Trek Thursday, thank god for early screenings.

  31. I saw it last Thursday. 🙂

  32. I thought lab rule no. 1 was "Always wear your hair back"

  33. Rule #1 don’t take walter’s equipment.

  34. @CaptainPrimate: I did. Very much.

    Can’t believe they showed that scene in the commercial, though, the reveal there was a good one in the context of the film.

  35. I’ve seen worse bathrooms in bars down in Alphabet City.

  36. You have to wonder if Johny Storm had to deal with all these problems

  37. She took a hot shower….ahahahaha wink wink nudge nudge.

  38. Franken Berry!

  39. Bishop would be the best high school chemistry teacher ever.

  40. I would have given good money if the box of cereal had combusted

  41. That image of walter shaking the cereal may forever live in my dreams tonight. Explode!!!

  42. are they shooting in NYC or did they move production back to TO?

  43. Yep, she’s Access

  44. wow….does Olivia have future vision?

  45. I think it would be aweosme if the machine caught on fire, or the telephone did. Oh snap. Liv seeing building’s on fire.

  46. Hey isn’t the plot about an alternate universe bleeding over into ours to conquer it from the Authority and Planetary?

  47. @CaptainPrimate: According to an article I found a few weeks ago, they moved back to Toronto, but they probably make the trip down to NYC to do some exterior shooting.

  48. Hot damn, Terminator Salvation. I’ll be back, says Christian Bale.

  49. @conor – yeah, the exteriors don’t look like TO

  50. Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey and then David Tennant shows up

  51. "you are familiar with the pliability of space/time, yes?"  awesome, I’m using the as an answer to the next questions I get from one of my students…regardlesss of what the question is

  52. Ah, I get it – Walter Bishop wrote the 52 blackboard.

  53. @Heroville awesome Doctor Who reference…kudos

  54. Ironically, that was the 52nd post.

  55. Clint Howard!

  56. I think the only role that Ron Howard’s brother plays any more is Crazy Dude #2

  57. Clint Howard should play MODOK

  58. Ha, Star Trek ref

  59. Is he just giving he plot to Star Trek?

  60. Whoa… okay, this is trippy… are they intentionally referencing the new movie here?

  61. sweet jesus – this show is chalked full of crazy ass Star Trek references

  62. Abrahams had to have something to do with that whole speal. I tried not to giggle.

  63. @conor – its getting to be a bit of an obvious joke

  64. @coleman: Well, STAR TREK was written by the executive producers/creators of FRINGE and directed by the third executive producer/creator, so…

  65. maybe PAramount is paying J.J. every time he pimps the movie

  66. Olivia keeps booze in her desk!  my kind of FBI agent

  67. @CaptainPrimate: Because he needs more money

  68. Lol I know. That’s why I said that.

  69. That guy? Fuck that guy

  70. punch him…puuuuuuunch hiiiiiiiiim

  71. Ooooo that face, I like Olivia’s angry face.

  72. Red phone… maybe Olivis got a call from Batman!

  73. "I’ve got your direct order right here!"

  74. @coleman I like all of Olivia’s faces…he said lecherously

  75. They are really lucky that everything important to this show occurs in the area between Boston and New York.

    Also, that’s the mom from LIFE ON MARS.

  76. @CaptainPrimate lol.

  77. Damn that was quick, I wanted to grab a cookie and BAM it’s back already.

  78. Damn these short commercial breaks!

  79. "I got an idea — let’s call Batman"

  80. I wanna get a box of those blue gloves…and randomly wear them around

  81. Rule #2, don’t interrupt Walter’s Bath’s

  82. holy crap…they built a miniature Dalek

  83. @CaptainPrimate don’t forget to hold a cell phone the entire time. And look ominously around.

  84. Seriously, Astrid has the best FBI job ever.

  85. Man, that was genuinely touching.

  86. really…I think liquification is all or nothing…you can’t *slightly* liquify anything

  87. So we’re going for the "Jesus’ words on a bowl" thing?

  88. Haha Walter. At least it wasn’t his favorite record.

  89. Creeeepy.

  90. wow…that was really well done…the recording

  91. What cellphone app is that?

  92. What the balls, I wish my cell could do that.

  93. @CaptainPrimate: It really was. Very unsettling.

  94. awesome reveal!

  95. I’m sure that app would lead to a lot of creepy stalkers though.

  96. I can’t even imagine a situation where a normal person would need something like that

  97. I hope that FBI dude gets partially liquified.

  98. I sigh everytime I see a Farm and Fleet commercial.

  99. oh yeah…that bastard is gonna get his comeuppance

  100. I think the creepy bald dude is going to be the end of episode cliff hanger.

  101. Olivia needs to drive him a right hook at least once.

  102. methinks that all of those huge SUVs won’t blend very well

  103. @conor I was way more creeped out by the creepy bald kid than the creepy bald dude

  104. Take that creepy mofo!

  105. "I am with the FBI… please don’t burst into flames…"

  106. We already know Harris gets off on torturing young women but this is much

  107. Charlie is either a world class incompetent or in on the conspiracy

  108. Burn!


  110. oh yeah!

  111. YES!! Bloody flaming hell yes!

  112. note to self….never live in Jacksonville FL

  113. Walter needs a lot of sugar – maybe’s he’s got that thing Amadeus Cho’s got

    Has Olivia checked her sister for any signs of tampering

  114. kinda touching shot

  115. Damn that was a hard scene to walk away from.

  116. @Heroville: Great point. If I were Olivia, I’d give my sister a full work up.

  117. @Heroville they are going to tie the sister in somehow…otherwise, why bring her into the show?

  118. holy crap, Walter has good taste in music

  119. I like Walter’s taste in music.

  120. @CaptainPrimate: Love triangle, would be one other possible reason.

  121. bald duuuuuude!

  122. Ohhhhhh no. Not him! I somehow knew that was going to happen.

  123. @conor you have a point

  124. Well that was interesting. "Is it time?"

  125. Is Blair Butler about to bite it?

  126. bring on spock

  127. Yes, she is.

  128. whoah…didn’t expect that

  129. NOOO God dammit, my DVR cut off the ending

  130. Now that was a show

  131. @coleman: Where did it end?

  132. And hey Albany is gonna bail out the MTA so that’s good

  133. well folks – its been fun – see ya’ll next week

  134. @Conor right where she was walking to the elevator.

  135. @coleman: She got in the elevator, rode to her floor, got out, two dudes in ski masks with guns with silencers stepped into view and shot her.

  136. @Conor Seriously? Damn…sooooo mad I missed that now.

  137. Well other than the DVR debacle, nice episode, next week is going to be awesome. Time to go watch The Mentalist.

  138. Oh and I blame that whole DVR thing on American Idol….#@#@ em.

  139. That was fun! I’m thinking William bell and some of the others may be skrulls. This is just another secret invasion.

  140. Hey guys, haven’t watched the show in a while. Liked what I saw, but haven’t tuned in. Read some comments, it seems interesting enough for me to jump back in with netflix eventually.

    Also, Conor and Captain Primate, I think they’re back in Toronto, but…. About a month or two ago, they were filming on my street up in Harlem (between 125-127 on St. Nicholas Avenue). They were infront of some non-descript homes and shops and a Public School turned into an apartment building. I knew it was them because I passed the trailers and they were labeled "Walter," "Olivia," "Peter," "Astrid."  Fun fact: "Astrid’s" trailer was parked next to the "Desi/Lucy" themed port-a-johns.

  141. Just got back from Star Trek, and watched this episode, and I can’t believe he reveiled so much of the plot in the that scene!