Fringe – S01E15 – Inner Child

Tonight’s episode – Inner Child

Fringe has been a nice surprise this season.  I initially gave it a look based on the strength of J.J. Abrams and the cast but I was quickly sucked in by the strength of the cast and the writing, the creepy atmosphere and mythology, and the strong sense of humor that is often missing from a genre that usually takes itself very seriously.

We haven’t had a new episode of Fringe since the second week of February! That’s a two month lay off! I suspect we’ll see that Fringe will suffer in viewership as a result, because nine out of ten times that’s what happens after these idiotic long mid-season breaks that the major networks continue to cling to.

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. I want you all to know that this has been one of my favorite shows on right now for a long ass time. Since BSG is gone there is not a better sci-fi show right now. Curse you east coasters! Curse you.

  2. AMERICAN IDOL is f’ing this up!

  3. FRINGE was supposed to start three minutes ago… 🙁

  4. Well American wouldn’t be complete without it’s singing crapsation.

  5. This is annoying. I hate this goddamn show.

  6. Woah..that guy with a guitar looked like a vampire.

  7. Finally! Here we go.  Only eight minutes late…

  8. I decided to yell at Secrest on Twitter.

  9. This show is the spirtual sequel to THE X-FILES.

  10. Feral child!

  11. Nothing says like ‘we’re gonna be the next big hit’ then having a washed up preformance show upstage you for 8 mins.

  12. Well, that’s… yikes.

    Worse thing to find under NYC – An alligator or a pale, hairless boy?

  13. I don’t care if the first 8 minutes of Fringe would have sucked, I would have rather had that instead of watching some annoying moron sing the Donnie Darko song.

  14. @TNC: AMERICAN IDOL is still, by a wide margin, the number one show on TV. Its down from its popularity peak, but there’s nothing washed up about it.

  15. @coleman: I just muted the TV.

  16. @conor: Okay but it’s clearly a bad move to let a show take up valuable minutes when your trying to be the next big thing.

  17. Lol Conor I was distracted by watching Angel on my laptop.

  18. So how much of Rachel wanting to move to Boston is her burdgeoning crush on Peter?

  19. @TNC: Not really, it’s a tried and true technique to artifically boost ratings. When one show bleeds into another’s timeslot the first (and more popular) show’s numbers boost the others.

  20. @TNC remember this is the same network that canceled Firefly, they don’t care.

  21. @coleman: That’s true, they probably dont

  22. @coleman: No one watched FIREFLY. Networks may make a lot of stupid decisoins, but they are also businesses.

  23. I think this guy is about to use an old Ted Bundy techniue.

  24. Yep, he did.

  25. @conor lol I know, I just like giving Fox crap for canceling my favorite shows. They did the same thing to John Doe.

  26. Um, ew…

  27. I think this kid is a young Mole Man.

  28. I love Dr. Bishop. He’s one of my favorite characters on TV.  John Noble is great.

  29. Or an incredibly sick young Lex.

  30. @conor Dr. Bishop seems to be the make or break for a lot of people from what I hear.

  31. I can’t decide if those glasses are a good look for Olivia.

  32. That creepy guy from season 1 of Angel was in that Verizon commercial.

  33. @coleman: I can see that. It’s a very manner4ed performance. But I really like it.  I also thinks he serves a very important function of breaking up the super serious business with absurdist non-sequitors.

  34. These short commercial breaks (and on DOLLHOUSE) leave you no time to do anything!

  35. @conor lol I can’t even get up from my chair, although I don’t mind it when I have DVR it.

  36. Noooo! It’s Dr. Dave!

  37. Has anyone seen that kid blink yet?

  38. He’s creeping me out.

  39. I’m expecting him to suddenly sprout fangs and cling to a wall.

  40. Good ol Marlborough st.

  41. They do a really good job of passing Brooklyn off as Boston on this show.

  42. Nice bathrob Dr. Bishop. Lol. He just needs some mob members coming after him and we got Lucky Number Slevin.

  43. Apparently I can’t spell bathrobe either.

  44. Is that a Snuggie that Peter is using?

  45. ROFL, I saw a friend of mine in one the other day….I was so creeped out. I couldn’t stop making the joke that he got rejected from the blue man group.

  46. I miss vintage Bugs Bunny cartoons.

  47. My brother has a snuggie. His roommate got it for him as a joke.  I really want to see it.

    (And possibly try it on)

  48. Go away, Dr. Dave.

  49. I was like….you look like a blue monk….and what the….Walter putting on the moves!

  50. Al Green solves everything

  51. I could understand how that whole setup would look bad to child protective services.

  52. Dr. Dr. give me the news, I got a bad case…of working for the CIA

  53. Oooooor the CIA.

  54. The CIA is always so insidious!

    (Perhaps that’s because I’ve been shotgunning SPOOKS on NetFlix)

  55. Because Boston is full of cows! I think Walter shouting Mamma Jamma! just made my night.

  56. @Conor – After SPOOKS, go for the Sandbaggers.  We need some good US based spyfic soon.

  57. Do they still have a cow in the lab, or did that get taken away? I forgot.

  58. I thought he was going to turn into an iceberg, he needs a balcony, and Leo DiCaprio

  59. It’s still in there.

  60. @Heroville: I actually have SANDBAGGERS sitting next to my TV. I used to work for a British company that had access to certain British TV shows and got someone at the home office to make me a copy.

  61. @conor – Lucky devil

  62. Hey, there’s the cow!

  63. Why didn’t they get the kid a Harvard shirt?

  64. I totally forgot this started late. I was like, "wow, this is how they are wrapping up the episode?"

  65. Wow that van got away as quick as hell, for an econo van.

  66. I’ve always wanted to scale a fence like that but I’ve never had the occasion…

  67. They should make Mole Man Kid a part of the team, like the soothsaying Jersey Devil in PROOF.

  68. That was an ominous look going out the door. Like, "I’ll be back"

  69. Damn you, CIA!

  70. Aaaah! The Hairless Dude!  I totally forgot about him! What is their connection?!?

  71. Woah…….next week’s episode is going to be insane. Kirk Acevedo better not die.

  72. I mean Agent Francis.

  73. It’s okay, I still call him Alvarez no matter what else he does.

  74. I never got to watch Oz. Netflix?

  75. It is available.

  76. Bam. Added.

  77. Now I have to go watch my DVR’d Mentalist, boo ya!

  78. So who wins out of Whedon vs. Abrams?

  79. That’s a tough call really, Whedon’s stuff is a different level then Abrams. Right now Dollhouse doesn’t have the collective force that Fringe started out with, it has to build to it.

  80. I don’t really feel the need to pit them against each other.  They both do good work. They’ve both done great work.  No reason to tear one down while propping up the other.

  81. Very true Conor. I don’t doubt Dollhouse won’t turn out great, it just needed to get kicking into gear.

  82. Saw in the twitter feed that you guys were following Fringe. Now more reason to come to Ifanboy. I’m a big fan of your podcast and Fringe, just registered for the site though.

    Anyway, it was a interesting episode. I just wish they would tie up some of the loose ends from the previous episodes. A guy goes hulk out of a hospital room and it doesn’t get a mention.

  83. @Avenger117: They probably should have come back from the two month lay-off with an episode that reestablished the premise and characters better than this one. It was good, but I don’t know how good for any (theoretical) new viewer.

  84. I agree. I rewatched "The Ability" right before this episode and expected to find out more about Jones or the ZFT manuscript. I have been watching this show since the first episode and this episode just didn’t do as much for me as the others. I did like the end, I’m curious about the connection to the observer.

  85. Just watched it, really good episode. I thought that kid might have something to do with the observer. "Roadblock, not your top tier GI Joe…," funny.  This is definitely the best new show of the season in my opinion.

  86. It’s funny as this came on I thought to myself "Self, I wonder if they’re liveblogging this on ifanboy"

    Glad to see you are, I look forward to this show more and more with every passing episode.

    And, regardless of how you feel about American Idol (personally I hate it too) That guy NAILED Mad World.

  87. Well this sucks. My DVR cut out before the end of the episode because of American Idiot.

    Anyways, best new show of the season.

  88. Very glad to see that Fringe is back. This episode was a little slow and there wasn’t much revelations other than the kid being a kinda junior observer, but I guess they are trying to smoothly ease viewers back in. Peter didn’t have much of a role tonight, but Walter had a lot of funny moments during this episode. Seems like he was a little more eccentric than usual.

    “I’m sure Agent Dunham knows what a PENIS looks like. Don’t you, Agent Dunham?”

    LOL freakin hilarious. Anyways, if you missed this episode, I just watched it online here at…

    <a href=""></a&gt;

  89. Sorry messed up my link

    Here ya go!