Free Comic Book Day 2007 is Coming!

Mark your calendars, Free Comic Book Day is approaching — May 5th 2007!

Unlike the past few, it seems like this year’s is actually going to be pretty cool. Robert Kirkman has got a #1 issue of his new title, The Astounding Wolf-Man from Image, DC is giving us a kid friendly issue of The Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century.

But what I’m most excited about is the Dan Slott written, Phil Jimenez drawn The Amazing Spider-Man: Swing Shift. Jimenez is a long time favorite of mine and the art is beautiful. Marvel gave us some pages to check out, so click through to see them in all their glory!

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  1. how does fcbd work? do you just take a wheel barrow to the store and get a copy of each book? or do they limit you to one? I gotta make sure my store gets whiteout #1 by Greg Rucka on that day!!

  2. Speaking of Jiminez, I’m still curious as to which pages of Infinite Crisis he ended up drawing. Any links that have that info?

  3. how does fcbd work? do you just take a wheel barrow to the store and get a copy of each book? or do they limit you to one?

    Last year at the shop I went to, they were set up behind the counter and you had to pick which ones you wanted, with a limit of 8. But that’s a Big Busy Store, so it may different in smaller shops.

    Looks like I’m gonna be in Vegas that day, so will have to see if my CBG will save me a Spidey and a Kirkman.

  4. I dunno if this has ALL the info about what he drew but there’s some info as to who drew what:

  5. how does fcbd work? do you just take a wheel barrow to the store and get a copy of each book? or do they limit you to one?

    There are comic books made specifically for Free Comic Book Day from various publishers. These are the only books that are available for free. You can’t just go in and take whatever you want.

  6. I talked to my comic shop guy about Free Comic Book Day and he told me this: “I do inventory twice a year; once the day before FCBD and once the day after”.

    He said he gets more books stolen on FCBD than any other day of the year. It gets folks in the stores but not very many repeat business and some people think its ANY book. He said a guy came in and wanted a Dark Knight Returns trade for free.

    Just one store though. It kinda changed my opinion of the event.

  7. a Question…no heroes today?

  8. Spiderman 3 is coming out on May 4 which is exactly on my birthday!
    So my friends and I are going to see late-night showing of it and the next day we are all going to go shopping on free comic book Day.

    It’ll be the greatest fanboy birthday bash ever!

  9. I’m super stoked for the Free Comic Book Day because it combines my two favorite things: free and comic books. I’m also very, very excited about the new Kirkman book because it looks wacky enough to be good.

    I’ll be honest…I’m cheap enough that I will grab one of everything that’s free.

  10. a Question…no heroes today?

    April 20-something. We’ve got mondays off for a while.

  11. My comic shop usually doesn’t limit to how many of the free books you can get. Which is good because he doesn’t limit and he still has a bunch left over 4 or 5 months down the road. So he leaves them by the counter for people to grab even after the day is done.

  12. Does anybody know of any shops that charge for the free comics. I think there used to be a guy here in my home town that used to do that even on the actualy day of “free comic book day”, not to mention afer that.

  13. Enoc, I think undercover SHIELD stings have put an end to Free Comic Book Day price gaugers. However with the new Director they may have new priorities. You don’t have to tolerate that kind of treatment. Be strong.