Free Comic Book Day 2010: Marvel Comics

With a new movie on the horizon, Marvel's delivering a double dose of Iron Man this year. Pick your flavor, either mainstream or cosmic with Matt Fraction and John Romita Jr.'s Iron Man/Thor or Paul Tobin and Craig Rousseau's Iron Man: Supernova

Here's a look at Iron Man / Thor:


And here's a glimpse at Iron Man: Supernova:





  1. Interested in the Iron Man/Thor cause I want to see how Fraction is going to handle the character of Thor. Sure he did those great one-shots, but they are nothing like the Thor in the current timeline. Lots of exposition in that comic though, bit of a problem there.

  2. Is Iron Man riding an invisible jetpack in that first image? Or just taking a mid-flight dump? Oh JRJr., your success never ceases to amaze me.

  3. @TNC: Exposition is kind of the point of these books. They are primarily meant for people who have never read these books before, not the people reading every week.

  4. @WheelHands – John Romita Jr. rules. Maybe not as much as his dad, but he is still a great story teller.

  5. @AmirCat: I couldn’t disagree more. But I’m glad he makes you happy.

    I’ll grant you that his panel-to-panel isn’t terrible, but in my opinion his covers are almost always stale and boring. Not every interior artist should do covers, and vice versa. There has to be a reason that he’s beloved by fanboys everywhere (besides his last name), I just don’t know what it is. I’m not ignorant enough to say that the man is without skill. He’s just not for me.

  6. @WheelHands – That’s fair, I understand. 🙂

  7. Funny, john romita jr.’s iron man looks like it doesn’t have any mobility.

  8. @conor: I get that most of them are, but it still feels like a lot for just an FCBD issue.

  9. There’s an Ape for That is officially my favorite story title ever.

  10. are the books still free after today? not sure I can make it out…

  11. @Onic: If your LCS charges for these I’d be mighty surprised.

  12. @JumpingJupiter

    Stores often charge for them after FCBD. I remember Blackest Night #0’s going a good $6 on eBay when Blackest Night was in full hype mode. 

  13. I really enjoyed Iron Man/Thor. Fun story, but I hope it’s not considered to be in continuity due to the ungodly violence the villians wreaked upon Earth. Nice, nice art too. Just a fine book all around.