Frank Miller Occupies Hostess Fruit Pies

I was recently having lunch with a prominent comics creator and the topic of Frank Miller came up, but not in the context that you may think.

We were reminiscing about those old Hostess Fruit Pies ads that ran in comics back in the 1970s and 1980s (Here’s a great archive of every Hostess comic ad) and it was mentioned that Frank Miller’s first work in comics was on these comic ads.

I was shocked and didn’t believe it. But a quick Google search of “Frank Miller Hostess” revealed this link to a message board discussing this very fact.  According to the discussion it was revealed in book The Art of John Byrne that both Byrne and Miller drew a few of the Hostess Fruit Pie Ads.

Here is Frank Miller’s Hostess Fruit Pie comic, The Human Torch in The Icemaster Cometh:

Frank Miller Hostess Fruit Pie Comic



  1. This kicked off the grim and gritty era of Hostess fruit pies.

  2. I guess it was either that, or warm his icy heart with a hot island song.

  3. Every time I see these ads I feel like a kid again.

  4. I still rock the Apple and Lemon Pie’s every so often. Remind’s me of being a kid and riding bikes to the general store to get comics, baseball cards and junkfood.

  5. I like the one Frank Miller drew of Sentry and Twinkie the Kid fighting hunger in Ethiopia .

  6. Someone really needs to do some dark, violent, what-if-Frank-Miller-did-these-today, Hostess ads.

  7. I like the one where Daredevil gets hoodwinked by Funny Bones and the Ring Dingler.

  8. Without warning, it comes… crashing through the window of your taste buds… and mine.

    Yes, father, I shall become a hoste–

    ow shit ow ow it’s hot

  9. These are my favorite ads ever, in any medium. The fruit pies themselves are my favorite snack when I undertake a long car trip.

    • P.S. – Ron, thanks for that wonderful link. Looks like I know how my evening is going to be spent!

      I didn’t even know know Hostess ran these in DC books!

  10. I think Miller drew the one called
    “Arabian Knight in: ‘Jihad me at Delicious'”,
    in which the Knight slaughters a group of boy scouts for their Fruit Pies, then urinates on an American flag.

    I thought it was kinda weird at the time, but, y’know, I was little.