FLASHPOINT: Andy Kubert’s Wonder Woman Concept Art

While the deluge of Flashpoint tie-ins feels a bit daunting at this point, it's something of a dream event for those of us who miss the Elseworld tales of old. This whole series is an opportunity for playful repurposing and recycling, and I'm particularly excited to see what DC's best and brightest have planned for characters both iconic and obscure. This morning, DC released this image of Andy Kubert's conceptual art for Wonder Woman. The character plays a pivotal role in several of the Flashpoint titles, and with all of the hullabaloo over the NBC costume design, it's refreshing to see something so divergent and inventive. 

Let's have a look. Be sure to click for a larger image of the character sheet. 

Note the date. This project's been in the works for about a year now, and who knows how long the Flashpoint concept was kicked around before they brought in artists. 

Hopefully we'll be privy to a few more character sheets throughout the day, so check back for all the behind the scenes goodness. 


  1. looks kinda weird

  2. Say hello to Sir Wonder Woman. Actually looks kind of cool.

  3. June 4th!  Wow.  Hopefully all of that prep will pay off.  

    Budget be damned, I have already decided I am buying every Flashpoint tie-in.  I am excited about this event because, as Paul alluded to, the fine folks at DC are playing around with all of these iconic characters in really interesting ways.  Deadman and the Flying Graysons?  Sign me up!  Lois Lane and the Resistance?  Oh, yeah!  Grodd of War?  Get my biggest battle spoon!  

    I’ll be honest, I am more interested in the minis and one-shots than I am in the main Flashpoint title.  So, DC, you’ve done your job because if I am getting all the tie-ins, I have to get the main event title as well, don’t I?

  4. LOVE it. Finally a female warrior in an ARMOR. Not like certain red-head for example. What kind of self-respecting or competent warrior would wear bikini into battle, giving enemies easy access.

    Big props to Kubert and DC for this.

  5. I’ll take it. It’s nothing spectacular but Kubert was obviously going for practical over spectacle here.

    @TomE: I know I’m gonna kick myself, but who are you refering to? I’m rackin my brain and I can’t come up with anything. Just tell me.  

  6. I agree that Wonderwoman’s traditional armor is a little scant for battle.

    But I am also not Appalled by a sexy female super hero looking sexy.

    But that being said- this just looks like a retread of the the Black Knight –


  7. @WheelHands Red Sonja. Her stupid chain mail bikini is the main reason I haven’t gotten into that book. I know how the character looks is not indicative of the quality of the book overall, but I just can’t get past it.

  8. I like it.

  9. @TomE  I’m the same way. The may be incredible in every other way but if the character design is stupid or doesn’t make sense for the story and character, it ruins it for me. (I’m looking at you Power Girl, Starfire).

  10. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @JNewcomb  @TomE  Your loss. 

  11. @JNewcomb Actually, with superheroes it doesn’t bother me that much (unless the costume is completely over the top ridiculous).

    Even though there is magic in Red Sonja, she still lives in a somewhat realistic medieval world where people fight with swords and she isn’t invulnerable. So a bikini just makes no sense.

    @PaulMontgomery. Are you reading Red Sonja? If so, is it really THAT good?

  12. This sucks. Why does she need all of this nonsense? Stupid and pointless

  13. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Jordan0061  It’s for an event. It’s not a permanent costume change. Cool your jets. 

  14. Sort of the “Big-Barda-as-Sir-Lancelot” look. I like it!

  15. @JNewcomb 
    Totally agree. The skimpy outfits are designed to attract readership, but it completely puts me off. I think Josh mentioned it in regards to the normally cool Huntress in Birds of Prey being ruined by having her stomach revealed for no apparent reason.

  16. @TomE: Riiiight. Red Sonja. I knew I’d kick myself.

    Still, she’s one of the all time comic hotties. This may be a rationalization, but I’ve always thought that the more badass a warrior woman is, the more skimpy her outfit can be (if it fits the attitude). It serves as both a display of her confidence in her abilities, and as a distraction. Plus when you factor in the superpowered hotties, armor can be pretty pointless, depending on the power set.

  17. I’m sorry but the little pixie booties look as laughable as the loafers on “The Flaming C”.