FLASHPOINT: Andy Kubert’s Aquaman Concept Art

Time for another behind the scenes look at Flashpoint courtesy of DC comics. Now it's Aquaman's turn. 

Here's Andy Kubert's character sheet for a new, more militaristic Emperor of the seven seas. Click to see a jumbo shrimp size view. 

Here's what Kubert has to say:

“What you’re looking at is probably my very first drawing of Aquaman. For Flashpoint, he’s military, tough and rugged with a scar on his face. You can see a lot of Sgt. Rock in his look…but that’s probably in my genes! I gave him the buzzcut to help with his background and decided to keep the trident like the original one…why mess with a good thing? The fins on his boots in this sketch didn’t make the final cut for the series. I like the take no prisoner attitude that he portrays since that’s his character. Someday, I’d love to take a crack at a hard-hitting mini-series with him. There’s so much visual that can be done with underwater techniques.”


This one absolutely floats my boat. Love that his haircut even went into consideration. And I think we'll be seeing dorsal finned Uggs on the street very soon. 


  1. Is it really a trident if it has 5 prongs?

    Pretty cool design! 

  2. Is it a new spelling of Arthur or did Kubert make a spelling boo-boo?

  3. I really like this one. It fits Arthur better somehow than a lot of alternate takes over the years. I love how he finally has a holster for the trident. Reis has been drawing him in BD with it magically sticking to his back when he’s not using it. That kinda stuff bothers me.

  4. Loving this, going for the pissed off Plutonian look. Prefer the red to orange, just looks better. Trident looks more bad ass as well, now all Aquaman needs is a really original nemesis and some decent villains. Key with Aquaman is TO KEEP HIM IN THE WATER

  5. Looks good, I think this is one of the flashpoint minis I’m going to pick up.

  6. lrg fin! Ha!

  7. is it just me or does it kinda look like a star trek uniform?

  8. Gigantic Forearms!

  9. @kidCharlemagne: the logo definately does look like a starfleet insignia

  10. Oooooooooooooooooooooh yes.

  11. I like him better with a beard. The Batman Brave and Bold Aquaman is currently my favorite iteration. I know that depiction of him wouldn’t work in mainstream DC comics, and it took me by surprise at first. But it really fits. I also like the militant eco-warrior king from the 90’s. This military version of him feels a little odd to me, but I haven’t kept up since he came back last year.