Flashback: Star Trek Special Edition Podcast

Consider this a second public service announcement about our Special Edition: Star Trek Podcast from way back in May.  If you’re finally seeing the new Star Trek for the first time, or finally got the disc in your grubby hands, why not listen to one of the only shows where all Ron, Conor, and myself actually all agreed, for once.  It’s about as likely as a wormhole incident around these parts.

And remember, you are and shall always be, our friends, iFanbase.

Here’s a direct download as well.


  1. Hey, i WAS just about to rewatch this movie! Sure, iFanboy, I’ll listen to this again afterwards 🙂

  2. Good Lord! What’s next?


  3. Rewatched last night, tWas awesome! JJ quickly has become one of my favs, liking Fringe a lot. If he ha directed Transformers, fo sho wld have been good. Can’t wait for his next project.

  4. Star Trek’s all about going where no man has gone before. I’ve already listened to the podcast so that would be the total opposite of what Captain Picardo or whatever his name is was talking about.

  5. It was really sweet to listen to this as I was leaving the theatre after having seen the movie. Haven’t been able to do that with most of these podcasts, but it’s a highly enjoyable experience.


  6. Just saw it tonight: LOVED IT! I will even go as far as to use this tired cliche: Star Trek was an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride!


    I’m thinking of listening to your episode on it before I go through the special features.