First you win an iFanboy contest, then you rule the world

You might remember a little desktop wallpaper contest we did a while back. There were two winners, and one of them, Lars Brown, has been a little busy since then. He publishes the graphic novel North World on the web, and it’s going to be published by Oni Press early next year. Plus, it turns out that he did a guest spot on PvP this weekend.

Clearly he’s spending all his time playing that Marvel Scene-It game we sent him.

I suppose that it’s just a cool thing to see someone out there making comics who I know because of this site. And we always like to help support folks who helped support us.


  1. Most impressive. I’ll keep my eye out for it.

  2. Oh! If only I’d won…

    Great webcomic, gotta catch up with it, the main character on the second to last page looks a little like Ron.

    Congratulations Mr. Brown.

    And let’s hope Ifanboy keeps pushing talent this way.

  3. I hope I get my own link when I get famous for inventing a foot odor killer

  4. I never did receive that game :/ Customs must have seized it those bastards

    and by the by, that comic is pretty cool 😀

  5. I dig the art on North World, and the concept is cool. Good job on the PVP spot, wish they linked right to his site there too though.

  6. Thanks guys, glad to hear you all like the comic : D

    Scott linked to North World, it’s in his blog, it just migrated off the main page fairly quick.