FIRST LOOK: The Walking Dead, Season Two

Filming of season two of the surprise hit show The Walking Dead is currently underway in and around Atlanta! Want proof? Here's a picture:

She needs to see an ophthalmologist, STAT!

The Walking Dead Executive Producer/Writer/Director Frank Darabont says, "At this moment, I'm standing on a stretch of post-apocalypse interstate in Georgia, littered with abandoned cars and blessing my good luck to be reunited with our amazing cast, and our fantastic directors and crew. Across the board, there are none better. It's great to be shooting again. I think we've embarked on a great season."


  1. It’s like looking into a mirror…

  2. I’m stoked for this.  I loved the first season. 

  3. It’s bacon!

  4. Apparently the show has a very limited budget this season. Not sure why though.

  5. Looks kinda like a girl I went to middle school with. Seriously. It’s not much of a stretch.

    Bring on Season Two.

  6. I too read Darabont talking about the show’s budget being cut significantly. He even said that he felt like it would hinder the show a bit. Doesn’t make sense to me. After the show was such a break out success. Shouldn’t it’s budget been increased? I realize that times are tough in the good ol’ USofA. But this one is odd to me.

  7. AHHHHHH!!!!!  I applied to be a zombie and STILL not heard back.  They are filming this right down the friggin street!!!!  Here is to hoping!

  8. Was it’s budget cut from last years budget or cut per episode? One is way worse than the other.

  9. @j206  -was it a mainstream success or just a success within a subculture? If its anything like Mad Men, it has a very loyal, and vocal fanbase, that also happens to be very small by advertisers and major networks standards. Ad’s are sold based on ratings and viewership numbers so….

    i think the people behind this show are creative enough to do cool stuff. i’m optimistic. can’t wait for s2!

  10. @wallythegreenmonster  It was mainstream success.

  11. When i read this news post, i cried out loud YES!, i really loved s01.
    I want to start reading the Walking Dead HC’s before s02 starts airing…

  12. @CelticHart81  Whereabouts?  A decent bit of the first season was shot near my parents house.  I actually used to work at the Texaco where the little zombie girl was walking past the wrecked cars.  I WTF’ed one night headed home from Douglasville when I turned the corner off 92 and almost clipped a car that was upside down on the shoulder and saw all the trashed cars in the parking lot.  I had no clue about the show at the time.

    Also, I live like, two miles from where the scene in Zombieland where Talahassee smashes up that car right before they get the Hummer was shot.

  13. @conor  –yeah i went and looked up some ratings and stuff (shoulda done that first) i forgot how big it was. But still i wonder if an AMC can attract the same kinds of ad cash that a NBC or CBS could for the same type of ratings? I suspecting not but who knows. 

  14. @supertrackmonkey – It’s a budget cut regarding the amount of money they have at their disposal. Not an episode order cut. It’s still slated for 13 ep’s, I think.

    @wallythegreenmonster – It was a good deal more successful than Mad Men. For a cable show, it did pretty great. Obviously, that is only so much. It still wasn’t anywhere near network tv numbers. But in terms of cable, it was a huge success. That’s why I am disappointed to hear about the budget crunch. TV is a changing medium, and shows are getting smaller and smaller budgets. And being forced to get creative with the money they get. But still, why would AMC cut TWD’s budget right after greenlighting a 2nd season with an expanded episode order? You would think after the big hit it was (It was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly), that they’d put more dollars and effort into it. Weird.

  15. From what I understand, the budget cut is related to the higher episode count. They have slightly less money per episode but a higher overall dollar amount to work with. Traditionally when this happens shows tend to reuse set pieces, hire less expensive writers or actors, or film in cheaper locations. We know they are still in Alanta, we know that the writing staff kind of got nixed, we know that the cast is returning. Only two ways they cuts cash are the sets and cheaper writers. I personally don’t mind set reuse so long as it doesn’t effect pacing and the sets look okay in the first place. Let us all hope the new writing crew doesn’t suck.

  16. @TwitchBlues  Set re-use is fine with me. They had ONE hallway to work with as a high school on Buffy and they just redressed it over and over and over to make it look like they had a whole high school. If the story is captivating and the performances are on target, nobody is going to notice the difference.

  17. well that was a reminder of my marriage I didn’t need.

  18. For better of for worse, Darabont’s description of The Walking Dead set pretty much stacks up with what I-20 looks like normally.