First Look: Justice League on ‘Smallville’

Tolly points us in the direction of a Smallville promo that gives us our first look at the Justice League!

I’m so excited I’m bursting!


  1. (Ok unrelated topics since I cant start my own topics)
    Bah humbug!
    I just found out Geekdrome is no more
    *cries and wipes nose on sleeve*
    If not for Geekdrome I would never have heard of you guys… I am in mourning….
    Anyone seen the Smallvill promo showing the Justice League?
    A young Flash? This will either be the best or worst thing ever!
    Anyone playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance or Justice League heroes?.. I would recomend either as Xmas presents.. reasons why:
    DC heroes have yet to have a good game, but even if it’s not as good as Xmen Legends/M.U.A. it’s a real pleasure to play as all the characters available in J.L.H. Flash is really cool in it.
    (favorite part of the game for me .. Fighting Doomsday…. With Green Arrow and Batman and winning!!!)
    M.U.A. has so many great nods to favorite Marvel heroes and villians. The amount of playable heroes is really good and the graphics(on PC anyway) are spectacular. Some of the characterizations (look, dialog, movement) are so right on it shocked me…
    Anyway.. back to your regularly sceduled program…

  2. Anyone seen the Smallvill promo showing the Justice League?


    A young Flash? This will either be the best or worst thing ever!

    Didn’t you see when the Flash was on before?!!

  3. I saw the Smallville thing (I started watching cause if the Superman thing, my wife continues to watch becuase of Tom Welling 🙂

    I have heard rumors that another heroe is going to be added to the team.

    I’m holding out for a hot teenage Wonder Woman but if its Matian Man-Hunter I’m never watching AGAIN!!!

  4. Anyone playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance or Justice League heroes?

    im playing marvel ultimate alliance… ive really enjoyed it.

  5. “I’m holding out for a hot teenage Wonder Woman”

    No way. They will never get the rights to that with the movie in development. Just like they will never get Batman now that the movies are a success.

  6. I’m holding out for a hot teenage Wonder Woman but if its Matian Man-Hunter I’m never watching AGAIN!!!

    I LOVED Martian Manhunter’s appearance.

    And Dustin’s right – because of their respective films no Wonder Woman, no Batman.

  7. I totally agree, I loved the Martian Manhunter appearance! I am so glad they were able to get the same cast to do the characters like Cyborg and Flash. Also, OH MY GOD Lex looked like such a badass at the end of this episode. I have really wanted to see a seriously evil Lex, and to me, this was the first time I’ve seen it in action. I hated last season, but this season is like a totally new show. I LOVE IT!!

  8. I�ve never watched Smallville…maybe i�ll watch this league episode because who doesn�t loves a team-up. Who�s the guy in the blue suit… I recognize aquaman, flash, green arrow and superman…

  9. what about the haitan manhunter? his time has come

  10. (I started watching cause if the Superman thing, my wife continues to watch becuase of Tom Welling 🙂

    I know that’s the main reason my wife watches. Anybody else’s wife?

    She was so pissed at Superman Returns, not because of the movie, she loved it, but that it was not her Superman.

  11. Apparently in the episode, they will be calling flash impulse instead

  12. Ok, I just watched this clip and then watched this week’s Smallville…

    First – seeing the team together gave me chills – it looks like its gonna be awesome

    Second – It’s good that it looks awesome because lord knows the last episode was awful..

    Oh BTW Tolly – Fear not about the demise of Geekdrome, yes its sad that its over, but Jonathan isn’t done yet…stay tuned.

  13. I have played Marvel Ultimate Alliance; but only on the Wii. I played XMen Legends on the XBox and it seems to be the same game, but the motion controls on the Wii make the game a little tougher. And its a major workout 🙂

    I was just starting to catch up on the Gekkdrome episodes. Taht sux

  14. Dang! I always forget something. Damn ADD 🙂

    I think Martian Manhunter as a character in Smallville would too confusing for alot of its audience. Mostly, I dont want to have to explain it to my wife 🙂

  15. OMG!!!!!!!! Justice League on Smallville
    I have to see that,if i did like Smallvile
    now i LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. you know i watched the first season of smallville and didn’t really like it. i felt all the episodes were the same… but this looks pretty sweet.

  17. I had heard good things about this show 2 years ago, so I tried to watch it. It didn’t resonate with me. I’m an action junkie and I wanted more than what I saw.

    This promo does look cool. I liked the aquaman pilot. I may check this it out. I’m still hooked on Battlestar G and recently on Dexter.

  18. I got the first two seasons on DVD and dug it, but I never really bothered to go out and get more…hell, after seeing THAT, though? If I REMEMBER (thats the hard part), I’m gonna check it out.

  19. Anybody saw the Justice League Pilot of the Giffen Era….That was kind of my first impression. That thing is stuck in my memory. Thank God I didn’t watch the F4 movie.

  20. SO whats the lineup? I see Flash, Green Arrow, Aquaman, and obivously Superman, someone said that the black dude in the blue costume was cyborg, is that right? If thats it then thats a weak lineup. Wheres Green Lantern, Batman, Wonderwoman? Theres gotta be at least one girl on the team.

  21. I think the line-up is pretty good for what is probably the closest thing to live-action Justice League we’ll see….ever?

  22. Wheres Green Lantern, Batman, Wonderwoman?

    They are tied up in Warner Bros. movie deals and the producers are not allowed to use them on Smallville. They have wanted to use Batman and Wonder Woman but were told no by Warner Bros.

    Everybody in that lineup has appeared once on the show already.

  23. Anybody saw the Justice League Pilot of the Giffen Era….That was kind of my first impression.

    I saw it. I own a bootleg copy. This is NOTHING like that.

  24. Yeah, that trailer is sweet! Although, I have mixed feelings about the direction Smallville has gone. It was a much better show when they were playing these characters off of each other. Lex the anti-hero was much more interesting than the Lex who would create an army of mutants. In my opinion that is full blown super villainy. Throw in actual super heroes and there is very little realism left . However, I am psyched and I can’t wait for this episode. The geeky guy I used to be who enjoyed super powers for the sake of super powers is going to get a treat this week.

  25. It’s not this week – Justice – Tentative Air Date: Jan. 18, 2007

  26. Awww Damn. Why do they tease us like that?

  27. There’s a Green Latern movie coming out? AWESOME

  28. There’s always these kind of things in development:

    Mainly, I suspect that GL would be too SFX heavy to do on Smallville.

  29. Some stills from the trailer, in case you don’t want to watch it through:

    Green Arrow

    Leading up to the “Justice” episode, The CW will be showing repeats of Smallville featuring DC Comics heroes.

    Scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 28 are “Run” at 8 p.m. (ET) and “Cyborg” at 9 p.m.

    In “Run,” Kyle Gallner guest-stars as Bart Allen, aka The Flash. Lee Thompson Young plays Victor Stone/Cyborg in “Cyborg.”

    Both actors return for the “Justice” episode.

  30. I remember reading something on the 1997 Wizard World con about Kevin Smith being commissioned to write a GL flick. Now, I’m a big Smith fan (Clerks II shouldn’t have happened), and an even bigger GL fan (I actually really dig Kyle Rayner…he’s one of my favorites)….but I just don’t see a Smith written GL flick being any….well…… GOOD

  31. Thanks Conor for spotlighting this thread. I have started my homework and I have been downloading the Smallville episodes that deal with these characters this weekend. I have yet to watch them though. I got “Run” (Flash), “Aqua” (Aquaman), Cyborg (Duh, hehe), And I have already seen the Green Arrow episodes (mackin on Lois.. who knew Clark had sloppy seconds to Ollie…. hahah). Also in case anyone doesn’t know, there was a Aquaman pilot filmed by the WB and it stars the same young man who plays Ollie on Smallville(instead of the young man who plays Aquaman.. whatever). It has been released only on itunes. You can download it for $1.99. (I swear I do not work for either itunes nor the WB :D)
    Also on Marvel Ultimate Alliance, does anyone play online? My tag is Unlimited Man if anyone wants to play a pick up game with me sometime.
    Also what is your favorite team in the game. What 4 characters do you like using together the best?…
    Anyone stuck at all… if so maybe I can help 🙂

  32. I have been going back and forth about whether I wanted to get Ultimate Alliance. At the moment I am wait until I find it cheap mode. However, I keep hearing people in podcasts talk about it and they make me want to play it now. Hmmmmmm.


  33. Hey Tolly what system do you play on? I like using Spiderman, Wolverine, Deadpool, Ironman (Cap and Thor on the bench hehe). O and my gamertag is Mastamerc

  34. I am playing the PC version. I don’t have next gen yet and I play most games on my PC. I tend to like the graphics best on my PC. Getting used to the keyboard controls vs. My PS2 (Xmen Legends is basically the same set up as far as Marvel Ultimate Aliance.. So I was used to the game on PS2) took about 30 mins , but I am having a great time of it now. I am in Asgard at the moment. Very pretty 🙂
    You can name your own team and gain team experience if you use just that team in the game. By gaining Team prestege you may unlock more bonuses for that team. At first you just get 4 members but I used my Prestege points to grow my roster. I now have 8 members on my team (you can only use 4 at a time though). My team name is Marvel Team Up named after the old series. In homage I only use the “Classic” costumes of each member. The main 4 I use are The Thing, Thor, Ghost Rider, and Spiderman. My reserves are Captain America, Mr Fantastic, Human Torch and Doctor Stange. I am loving this game, but I bet my City of Heroes/Villains teammates hate it because I have gone “AFK” for about 2 weeks, haha…

  35. I try to use different characters for every mission, I have at least one extra costume for all of my characters (I am about to go to Asgard)the only characters I havent used are Ms.Marvel, Moon Knight and Dr.Strange.