FIRST LOOK: Green Lantern Movie Power Battery Gives The Energizer Bunny a Run for His Money posted this image of Hal Jordan's power battery from the upcoming Green Lantern film. A decidedly hardcore take on the traditional lantern design, it would not look out of place in the window of a Spencer's Gifts or next to a bong in the van of a 311 cover band. Still, it certainly looks alien, and given its nature as a mobile conduit for the greatest cosmic energy in the universe, that's pretty appropriate. 

Does it charge you up? 


  1. Looks pretty cool to me.  Sure, it’s not the classic design, but you can still see the lantern shape in it.  I mean, it *is* from another world.  For all we know it can change design and later in the movie it will look more like the classic lantern.

  2. It looks like something out of the Matrix then anything ‘alien’.

    Someone (more specifically drakedangerz on twitter) pointed it out that it fits with the new costume for the film. For me…..I’m not a fan of either at the moment. I’m reserving overall judgement at least until the trailer comes out; but I am not a fan of this design. 

  3. Er, hmm. I hope they don’t end up pulling a Transformers and make the designs so strange they they lose the recognizable, iconic looks that have endured for so long.

  4. Wow. Ghats a really nice microwave Hal’s got back there. Power Battery looks pretty cool too. Very organic and alieny. I wonder if Hal can run his beautiful microwave off that thing. Talk about sustainable green energy, FOLKS!

  5. Looks like something I would have fired up in a kiln in college.

  6. They’re trying way too hard to make it cool and alien. Yet another bad sign.

  7. Looks like it fits the art design. Cool. I like it.

  8. I see someone’s a fan of the take-a-regular-looking-object-and-melt-it school of alien prop design.

  9. That looks fantastic!!

  10. It’s clear from this as well as the few costume designs we’ve seen that they are aiming for a more "sci-fi/space opera" that traditional superhero aesthetic, which I think makes more sense. Overall, I like it.

  11. Ugh! With the shots they’ve shown of the costume and now this, all I can really say is ugh! I’m not going to fully judge it until I’ve seen the movie, but as of right now I am NOT real excited about this movie. Especially after Jonha Hex. I have a feeling it will be a pretty good movie, but not a good GL movie.

  12. I agree with TheNextChampion and kalel2783. I am cautiosly optimistic about the movie, in spite of the strange images (uniform, battery) and casting choices (Leighton Meester makes sense as Carol Ferris, not Blake Lively). In Johns we trust.

  13. Completely agree with TheNextChampion. I’m not a fan of GL in any case but if i WERE one, i’d be pissed about this direction that they’re taking with his look. Kinda like i was pissed with the vibrant silver webbing on from the recent spider-flops. *sigh*

  14. I suspect that when we see it in the movie itself that the battery will have its own CGI assists like the costume will and there will be animated green energy moving around in the translucent bits. I, like most of us, am cautiously optimistic about this.

  15. It certainly does fit the costume design but looking at this somewhat grainy picture, it manages to look more ridiculous than a standard power battery.  But like the costume I’ll wait to see it in motion and in the context of the entire movie.

  16. Relax,it’s just a picture. Breath in through the nose. Let’s see what it looks like in the trailer. I remember people being pissed off that Batman was sporting all black back in’89. Just wait and see how it turns out.

  17. It does look appropriate if this story were created from a blank slate hollywood script, but they are changing 50+ years of an established prop design which is why its so hard for me to look at it objectively. I know what the Green Lantern Power Battery is *supposed to* look like from the comics, and that is not it…It looks like a prop from Star Trek.

  18. Looks like it was made by an alien.  It might be cool if the lantern changed to fit into something commonly found on the users homeworld.  Much like the ring adapts to the users hand.

  19. @oopsxlandmine-What recent spider flops?  You mean the ones that made over a quarter-BILLION dollars each just in the US? 

    Looks cool.  I like it as long as that isn’t a rock in the center of the battery, as that would be too close to Kryptonite in my eyes.  But I think it fits in with what else we have seen so far from the movie.

  20. It reminds a lot of Kyle Rayner’s alien like power battery. I like it a lot.

  21. I can live with this. Like a few already pointed out, it’s right in line with the costume design we’ve seen. It’s much more organic than the classic battery, but that’s not neccessarily a bad thing. The battery in the comics is iconic, but also a bit silly. If the first GL film designed everything to mirror the comics, it would be a huge waste of a 700 million dollar budget.

  22. reminds me of a Drew Johnson designed Ben 10 prop

  23. Nice microwave.

  24. I don’t like the look of it.  I’m still going to hold on the the hope that the movie will erase the fact that I don’t like the uniform or the lantern.

  25. Oh Hollywood I love how something has worked for so many decades and you feel the need to change it. Im going to side with the comic track record rather than yours

  26. @mattfox7669: What works on the page doesn’t always work in real life. The design isn’t THAT far off. It’s still recognizable as a power battery. They art design for the film appears to be of a more sci-fi, organic nature than the comics. Nothing wrong with that.

  27. meh not doing back flips over it, but I don’t feel its abhorrent, just hafta see how it fits in the movie when it is released 

  28. Just to be clear; I am fine with the film deviating from the look of the comics. Maybe Hal’s costume isn’t too campy/bizarre for film; but we’ve seen changes so many times for films that I’m used to it.

    I am just not too happy for the overall aesthetic look of the film already. Just as a film; the costume, the battery, and some other aspects (like Hector Hammond) just doesn’t seem to mesh well. The stuff looks different, but it doesn’t feel alien…..if that makes any sense. 

  29. oh, no. TNC isn’t happy with the aesthetic of the film! 🙂


    I honestly don’t care. Wait to see the movie before complaining. You’re live a less stressful life 

  30. I like the costume, I think the mask will look better on film once it gets polished, I’ll reserve judgment on the lantern… it’s a bad photo in a kitchen so who knows if it’s for real, and it’s one of the least important things that could screw up this movie.