First Look: Francis Manapul draws The Flash

When we first reported that the creative team for the upcoing Flash on-going series was Geoff Johns and Francis Manpul, we dug up an old sketch of The Flash that Manapul drew. Well, now DC has released a brand new sketch of The Flash to give you a better idea of what we’re in for from the new book.

The old sketch was clearly influenced by Mike Wieringo’s take on The Flash, but this new one is pure Manapul and it’s awesome.

Clickthrough to DC’s blog to see more sketches.


  1. Can’t. Wait.

  2. This is awesome! – Flash Fact

  3. awesome!

  4. My most anticipated!!!

  5. HOT!


  7. There’s another sketch on the DC blog and it’s even better! Check it out, INCREDIBLE!

  8. Heck. Yeah.

  9. nerd alert, but: from the sketch it looks like if that IS Barry, he’s gone to the"white eyes" costumed look. That seems like kind of a significant change…

  10. This should be awesome

  11. If only there were an emoticon for drooling…

  12. Jizz. in. mah pants.

  13. @Neb – For future reference


  14. This looks great. I’m really loving his work on Adventure comics, and I cant wait to see his work on the Flash.

  15. Spectacular.  Frame it and sell it to me.

  16. Humminahumminahummina

  17. you know how barry’s character is kind of an intoverted weird guy, especially if your opinion is based on Tom Kater’s podcast, how’s this for an excellent casting choice for the new movie…. Larry David.

     pretty, pretty, pretty good, huh? 

  18. Ah, scratch my above comment: I see another sketch does have him with the "open-eyed" mask…  (not that a cosmetic change means much — unless like me, you fondly remember the Wally West series, where the change to the costume was kind of a plot point and a big deal at the time.)

  19. The most exciting quote from DC’s blog?

    "I’ll actually be doing my own inks and watercolor on the new ongoing (much like Adventure Comics) so this is just a tease of sorts."

    This is going to be one beautiful book.

  20. A worthy follow up to the fantastic art of Rebirth. Hopefully this one ships on time.

  21. Clearly I did something to anger the Flash, and I am sorry for it. Please stop running headlong into me!

    I’m guessing by the body type that this is Wally. Any confirmation of that? Or will it be a Flash family kind of thing? 

  22. @Patio

    If you look at the belt, particularly in the other sketches that are linked, he’s definitely wearing Wally’s suit.  So either Wally’s in the book or something happens to Wally, freeing up the costume…

  23. I’m excited for Flash. But I’m really gonna miss Johns/Manapul on Adventure Comics.

  24. Great stuff! Can’t wait!

  25. Excellent.

  26. I’ve been following him on DeviantArt, and he’s just too good.  The sketches are great!  I’m not sure if it’s conscious or not, but, there are still hints of Weringo.  Maybe it’s just how he’s spotting his blacks on the mask, but, it reminds me of Mike’s work.

    Excited for this book!

  27. That does look pretty amazing. I’m so gald they went with Manapul and not Van Sciver for the ongoing.

    Although because of Wednesday Comics, I would love to see Kerschel do the art as well.

  28. @crucio~  Thanks for the heads up.  Here’s a revision of my first post:


    I need a bib. 

  29. It reminds me of the Justice League Animated/Superman Animated version of the Flash, that’s the first Flash I grew up with, that young cocky Wally West who’s pupils never shown through the mask. What is that called by the way? I’m pretty certain it has a professional comic book term but it eludes me.

  30. If one were attempting to get enough Flash background to know what the fuck is going on in Flash Rebirth, what trades would one want to get? Thanks in advance.

  31. That looks f’n amazing! The stuff on the blog link is even better. I haven’t been this excited about Flash art since Kollins was on the book. Just awesome.

  32. @vadamowens

    Flash Rebirth already has all that information. Rebirth is the only Flash book I’m reading (or ever have read) and it’s explained everything. Just read it carefully. 

  33. Well, I must not be as smart as you because I’m still clueless to who is who and what is what.


  35. Nice…Can’t wait for this series.

  36. Hot damn.  Can’t wait.

  37. Wow that is pretty.

  38. I’ve never heard of him until I started reading Adventure Comics.  This guy is great.  I really love his work.  Can’t wait to see his work on Flash.  Is it Wally or Barry?

  39. Sweet sketch.  Thanks for posting that.

  40. Sweet baby jeebus that’s awesome. Every time I here or see something new concerning the Flash ongoing I get more excited.

  41. this looks fantastic! Anyone got any suggestions for flash trades to read?

  42. My man crush continues! This might be a little early, but this Johns/Manapul thing is turning into a Morrison/Quitely caliber partnership. That is, I find it hard to not call this my PotW every time it comes out. So excited.

    Regarding the particulars of the costume, I think it’s important to note that these sketches were done last year. I believe the blog stated the purpose of these sketches was to show Manapul’s desire to work on a Flash book. I think it might be a stretch to infer anything about costume changes or plot details, as I don’t think he was working with Johns at this point. I think it’s pretty clear in Blackest Night that Barry keeps the same costume after the events of Rebirth. We’ll see if anything else changes, but I doubt these sketches are a good indicator of anything other Manapul’s awesome style.

  43. Can I marry Manapul’s artwork?

  44. I heard the book was actually going to be focusing on both barry AND Wally. Did anyone else hear this? I think the book is called "Flash legacy" or something like that?


  46. Nice.  Reminds me of Kevin Nowlan.

  47. Can’t wait for this book, it will be awesome!!!

  48. As excited as I am to be reading an Awesome Flash book, I’m as equally sad they are leaving Adventure since I’ve been waiting for that book since it was first mentioned.

    I’m so torn!