The DC blog has dropped the cover to the second issue of Brightest Day, the follow-up mini-series to Blackest Night:


Brightest Day #2 with Aquaman


A quote from writer Geoff Johns:

“Brightest Day’ is about second chances. I think it’s been obvious from day one that there are major plans for the heroes and villains from Aquaman to take center stage in the DC Universe, among many others, post-Blackest Night. ‘Brightest Day’ is not a banner or a vague catch-all direction for the DC Universe, it is a story. Nor is ‘Brightest Day’ a sign that the DC Universe is going to be all about ‘light and brighty’ superheroes. Some second chances work out…some don’t.”

A quote from me:


After a deep breath, I have to say that I am raelly excited about the prospects in Brightest Day. I've been saying all along that I had a strong feeling that the end of Blackest Night would see most, if not all, of the dead heroes brought back to life. This cover and Geoff Johns' quote seems to bear something like that out. I'm excited. This could lead to some really great stories.


  1. Wow I totally should not have clicked that link….Should have known better.

    I’m now set to ignore all Brightest Day links. 🙁 

  2. That is an amazing cover though. Very excited.

  3. Very, very excited for this. Hoping for some great Aquaman comics!

    Things are gonna get NAUTICAL! 

  4. I’d be nice to have Aquaman be Aquaman and not Namor for a change; and also looking like a person not whatever he was in the ’90’s.

  5. Remember – "You are the one who is lame"

  6. Brilliant stuff – can’t wait! 

  7. If Geoff Johns writes Aquaman I will read it.

  8. @Tom: I’ve never wanted to own a shirt so badly in my life.

  9. @Tom-I will never forget that. Never.

  10. Interesting that we don’t see the ring fingered hand, that he’s glimmering in yellow light and surrounded by sharks.

    Strong albeit highly circumstantial evidence that Edward was on point with how Blackest Night could end.

  11. I like David Finch quite a bit. Kickass Aquaman.

  12. I’m so glad Johns is going to be doing Aquaman, I want him to be as good as I remember in the 80s and earlier. Don’t badass him up and redefine him, distill what he is, tweak some stuff and let him just be awesome. Can’t wait.

  13. @Tom & Conor: I agree. Aquaman has so much potential. He only needs a good writer to really show the masses. I feel that the popular perception of him is negative BECAUSE of his powers (or rather lack of "effective/cool" – or as I call it – flashy/flamboyant/omnipotent powers). Why does a hero’s prowess have to be subjugated by their powers. That’s a preconcieved notion that I hope DC breaks in the upcoming year with the return of Aquaman.

    Btw, anyone else noticing this "Brightest Day" and "Heroic Age" release happening around the same time?

  14. It’s nice to see that Aquaman Rebirth will be written by Johns and drawn by another artist famous for his delays!  (I’m trying – I just can’t be positive on this one – I want Flash to be done already!)

  15. (sings) If your life leads you with questions/seek advice from under the sea.

    Such fantastic news! Plus this looks like to be a proper Aquaman and not the scruffy, man with an metal hand Aquaman.  I doubted on reading Brightest Day beforehand but now….I want to pick this series up so badly.

  16. @Notahiro: What are you talking about, Aquaman: Rebirth? This is the cover to BRIGHTEST DAY #2. And David Finch is only a cover artist.

  17. Am i the only one whose read Morrison JLA and Peter David’s Aquaman but still totally indifferient about the character?

  18. @Edward-Yes.

  19. I enjoyed Peter David’s Aquaman but remember the story got stale pretty quickly. Might have had to do with some artist changes though.

  20. I’ve never read anything with Aquaman in it, so this is really exciting to me.  I used to fucking hate DC till a good friend and Conor got me into it a little under a year ago.  Curse you both!!!!

  21. I haven’t read good Aquaman since Sub Diego.  I can’t wait for this.

    Maybe I’ll even get Katar Hol back.  I won’t.  But it’s nice to dream.

  22. I’ve never had feelings one way or another in regards to Aquaman, unless he’s on the Justice League I feel that’s a must.

    But FUCK YES does this cover look sweet.  I’m actually excited to see something with Aquaman in it.  I wonder if Conor had one of those 30 Rock moments were he was so happy he threw up? 

  23. Now JMS has to write ‘Brave and the Bold: Aquaman Meets Craig Ferguson’

  24. @drake: thanks, mate, there is a sliding scale of sad nerdiness. i’m glad i’m on the upper arc.

  25. So pleased to see al the Aqua-love around here and on Twitter. Aquaman was one of the first comics I ever bought and I agree that the character has loads of potential; just look how far Mera’s come in the Blackest Night books to see what can be done with the Aqua-family. (Wonder how they’ll re-invent Vulko for the new status quo?)

  26. Pretty exciting stuff.  Always felt Aquaman got a bad rep because of the points Mangaman brought up.  Really liked the Sub Diego story and while Finch’s Aquaman is good, i still prefer Gleason’s.  (art is subjective, i know)

  27. A great cover.  I wonder who the creative teams will be for the resurrected character.  I think Aquaman’s success will hang on who writes/draws him.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be big names, but people who get the character and create good stories.  Still, this is pretty exciting, and DC has been on a roll of late so I’m confident this will kick as much ass as it looks to. 

  28. I’m excited about it, but can they just let us read the end of Blackest Night first?

  29. @zayaz: It wouldn’t be very smart marketing if they did that.

  30. Very excited about this, and how exactly it comes to pass the last issues of Blackest Night.  That’s a good way to guarantee some sales.

  31. This is pretty fun news. I really enjoyed PAD’s Aquaman back in the day, and I have probably read almost every short-lived Aquaman series in the last 20 years. There have been a few.

    With Johns re-introducing him (hopefully) in Brightest Day, I think it’s cool, but I really want to see what’s done with him next. Aquaman’s a hard character to do RIGHT, and it’s all gonna depend on who does what from here. I’d like to see a great new ANGLE on Aquaman — a strong hook (no pun intended) — not just a "hey we brought him back so we’re going to stick him in a series and you’ll like it" book or a "Everything you knew was a lie! Retcon! Retcon!" book. So for me, it’s really all about who gets the ongoing series (if there is one), and what his/her take on Arthur is.

  32. how long after this until we can get the real justice league back together? this cannot happen fast enough.

  33. Mr. Johns could do a Condiment Man issue of Brightest day and I would probably pick it up.

  34. @connor I agree about the marketing part, but I still would love to read a story and be surprised! I mean… I wouldn’t mind so much if Blackest Night was over already.

  35. …Yes!!!

    I really want to read this series…

    But first I want the rest of Blackest Night to come out.

  36. @zaya — you *could* not read the internet… 😉


    Incidentally, I had a hunch — when, in the first issue of BN, they killed Hawkman and Hawkgirl — that the end of BN could result in a bunch of resurrections, possibly resetting a bunch of people like elongated man, Hawkman, Aquaman, etc. This spoiler image does make it sound like it might be happening…

  37. Wait so does that mean absolutely everybody comes back from the dead @ the end of Blackest Night? Like Supergirl? Batman (if they get rid of that stupid time travel story)? Even all of the Infinite Universes characters too? That sounds AWESOME!!! TGFGJ (Thank God For Geoff Johns)!!! BTW they should definitely have an Aquaman Rebirth after Brightest Day cause God nows he is the one character in the DC Universe that really needs to be respected once again!!!

  38. Has there been any word on whos the interior artist on this?

    I know David Finch is doing the covers.

  39. @SpiderTitan: Batman isn’t coming back via BLACKEST NIGHT. He’s coming back in his own mini-series which will feature some, hopefully, awesome time traveling adventures.

  40. @daccampo I know… 🙁

  41. It wiill be cool to have a black binding of Blackest Night next to a white binding of Brightest Day on my bookshelf

  42. @Conor: LMAO! i totally forgot about that. He’s going to be more like Conan: The Barbarian Bat than Batman. Didn’t know Big bats existed back then btw.

  43. I read 0 dc books, literally 0 but for some reason aquaman interests me, and I may but this… I may buy a dc book

  44. If Blackest Night leads directly into Brightest Day, Doesn’t that mean Josh has to hate it?

  45. @KickAss-You should try reading the article. Geoff Johns clearly states what it is.

  46. "Aquaman…go talk to a fish!"

    Good cover.  Don’t care about Aquaman, though.

  47. Love Finch’s cover, but Aquaman? Well, if anyone can make me like the character, it’s Johns.

  48. My favorite part of Morrison’s JLA was this:

    Evil Martian to Aquaman: "You noob! Wathyoo gonna do, hit me with dying fish ROFLOLOMGWTFBBQ!"

    AM: "I am going to give you an epileptic fit. DEAL WITH THAT! BIATCH!"

  49. @muddi900: And remember, this was before the internet was a big hit! Grant Morrison showed once again he was way before his time, and PWONED all the other writers ;).

  50. @Conor Oh right I actually did hear about that min-series, but I still wish that they would not have him be a time traveling Batman b/c of the fact that Captain America did that with Reborn & it just seems to me like DC & Marvel are just taking each others ideas into their own characters & styles & it is just really annoying IMO. That being said Brightest Day although looks like it could be very Awesome, Idk if it will top that awesome MIND BLOWING end of Part 6 of Blackest Night b/c that seriously Rocked my world & firmly reassured my position in supporting Blackest Night yet again.

  51. I like that his left hand is obscured. Isn’t that the hand that got eaten off by pirhanas? The only Aquaman comic I’ve ever read was the first issue of "One Year Later", so I could be wrong about that. But, if I’m not, it’s cool that they left that open.

  52. So heroes are coming back hey


    Oh well, It won’t effect any books I’m reading so I’m ok with it

  53. Dear Johns,

    I DARE you to make me care about Aquaman

  54. Yeeeesss!!! Finally Aquaman!

  55. I never got how Aquaman lost his hands just by piranhas. His skin is supposed to be so though it can contain tons of waterpressure. He’s able to withstand buildings falling on him, but some little piranhateeth can puncture his skin? I’m suprised nobody seems to notice this

  56. hopefully he has both hands.

  57. @ cedric actually according to physics of super heros (great book) aquaman should be stronger and tougher than superman! so yeah wouldn’t fly.

    and seriously his hand got eaten by a fish? the irony is killing me

  58. @Peterparker Its was at a time when his powers were going haywire and sea life wasn’t taking his orders

  59. @cedric:

    Also how he showed that Batman totally has a place in Justice League.

    Evil Martian Leader: "Batman!! PFFT! That’s just a loser in a rubber suit!"

    Batman: "…and a match. BURN!"

    J’onn J’onz: "I see what you did there."

    *fist bump*

  60. This is great… but somehow people seem to forget Aquaman was back to his old self for a bit (And it WAS awesome) with the whole Sub-Diego run in his own title.  He had the Old costume back and was making me forget about the horrid gritty long haired shirtless Aquaman that everyone seemed to love in the 90’s.  Sadly they lost the Sub-Diego Aquaman when they started that "Sword of Aquaman" thing. 

    In short…. I’m glad I’m Aquaman is coming back they way I like him.  And I don’t need to act hip or cool by pretending that Aquaman is lame or is somehow more inherently ridiculous than a man who dresses like a bat and calls himself ‘Batman’. I can’t wait.


  61. DROOL i want to know how brightest day works…