FIRST LOOK: Cover to Batman Inc. #2 by Yanick Paquette

When Grant Morrison talked about Batman Inc. he talked about a more international Batman story and with Yanick Paquette's cover to Batman Inc. #2 we see the beginnings of just that. Cover courtesy of the DC Blog.


I couldn't be more excited for this book if I tried.


  1. He looks like Kung Lao from Mortal Kombat, but as connor points out, really zorro-y.

    Should i feel bad i’m not excited about this new status quo? i had mentioned this earlier somewhere, but its really weird to see Batman and Superman trade places; Bats with the worldview and Supes with a local view.

  2. Red skull.

    Just sayin’.

  3. Morrison writing Asians again? Oh dear.

  4. wait is it a dc marvel crossover? is red skull middle management at Batman Inc.?

  5. This looks really promising. It’s a natural progression from the Batmen of All Nations concept that he played with back in The Black Glove. Very excited for this title.

  6. @rapidEye – HA!

  7. At first I thought Bruce was going to be franchising out the batman name itself but now it seems he’ll be training existing heroes or maybe setting up a network with them the way oracle has a network with the heroes in gotham

    color me excited

  8. He’s teaming up with Kato?

  9. o face

  10. Christine Bale and Jet Li in:

    Trouble in Chinatown!

  11. @Roi – I was on board for this anyway, but reading your post made my pulse race!

  12. @CaeuZokul  It’s just a theory right now but yeah, stoked

  13. YESSS!

  14. aww, i get the feeling this is going to piss me off 

  15. And Robin said "Holy eggroll Batman and why doesnt he have to wear tights?"

  16. Hellz to the yeahz

  17. I am a sucker for the design quality of this.