FIRST LOOK: Cover to Batman Inc. #1 by Yanick Paquette

Hot on the heels of yesterday's interview with writer Grant Morrison about his new on-going series, Batman Inc., we've got our first look at the cover to Batman Inc. #1 by series artist Yanick Paquette, courtesy of the DC Blog.


Now that we've got a clear shot of how the costume is going to look in the actual book we can safely say that, yes, Batman's new design looks a hell of a lot like the one being used in Batman: Earth One:

Either way, I like it. It reminds me of the early 1990s when they tried to give Batman an all black costume.


  1. If they are going with that costume I wish the would do it in all black.

  2. i wonder how far this branding is going to go? New Batman film? any animated venture? will they do the Wolverine thing from a few years ago where all of wolverines costumes, from x-men evolution to 616 and ultimates were the same. only time will tell i guess.

  3. Like it a lot.

  4. I like the look of this, but I’m a little surprised to see such reaction to a change in his costume. To me it always seemed like each artist kind of gave their own spin on it. Can anyone find a definitive image of the look batman has had before now?

  5. It’s interesting that the Earth One costume looks very similar.  Maybe Frank was really doing design work for this series or that image was used as a teaser, but doesn’t incorporate the actual look in the Earth One book.  It’s a cool design though, and will certainly set Bruce apart from Dick.

  6. @jaquenagg This has been it for the majority of the decade

  7. Very nice.

    I’m starting to love Paquette more and more with Batman.

  8. This redesign makes me think that Dick will remain Batman and stay in his current costume, while Bruce will also be Batman and wear these new threads. Two Batmen, whats better than that. 

  9. @glwarm76-Two Jokers!!   Or even better, two Two-Faces

  10. I was gonna comment that the second picture looked an awful lot like Gary Frank’s work, right up until I noticed it was Gary Frank.  Both pictures are awfully nice looking.

  11. Fuck yeah! I am lovin all this Batman Inc. news. Every bit gets me more excited. I think the costume is great. It was only a matter of time before Bruce ditched the tighties (the only piece of his costume that hasn’t been given a functional purpose), and I’m glad they’re giving him a valid reason for a costume change.

    This also gives me hope that we’re one step closer to what I’ve realized I’ve wanted since RIP: a world in which both duos can exist. The icing on the cake will be if Bruce brings Tim along on this global mission of his. 

  12. So I guess Batman figured out that the underwear go on inside the pants. Now if he could only tell Superman.

  13. I love 95% of the costume, I prefer the black symbol without yellow, but if you’re going yellow, I would make it a bit larger, I like the bottom picture more for it’s symbol. I also am not a fan of the buckle, but they are both beautiful pictures.

  14. Great. Multiple versions of Batman, Robin, Red Robin, Batgirl, Batwoman, etc.  Now they can be added to all the Supermen, Wonderwomen, Flashes & Green Lanterns.  Out of fresh ideas DC?

  15. @BobDigi76: DC has never hidden the fact that their recent focus has been on the legacy of their heroes. In fact, one could argue that (with the possible exception of Superman), Batman had one of the first "families" in comics. These ideas have been around for years, and they’re no less fresh than anything else to come out of either publisher in the last decade.

  16. @BobDigi76  Yeah just like all the captain americas, spider-people, spawns, wolverine copies and iron people

    everyone does it and they do it because we buy it and we buy it because we like it

    we’re going to buy this too, so get used to it

  17. so they added seems and ditched the undies, no real big change. I’m glad they are not sticking with the Dick Grayson outfit, the gauntles and bat belt just didn’t look right.


    Looking forward to the book. 

  18. I’m diggin it.

  19. I prefer Grayson’s costume from Batman and Robin, but this is fine.

    Also a fairly pretty cover, but its kind of a shame that its just a pin up after getting some pretty groovy covers on B&R

  20. This sound lame….Whats next Wolverine inc….Punisher Pose..Wonderwomen….why make a bunch of the same,,,just because they have different accents doesn’t mean its not the same shit…

  21. I like the new suits a lot, the first time I saw Gary Franks Batman it reminded me of the Batman 89 costume and was really sad that Batman would only wear a yellow emblem in non canon appearances but now it looks like DC realized the same thing and brought that emblem to the canon Batman as well, so Im psyched. My only concern is I dont like the new belts.

  22. Its about time they got rid of those over underwears.  I hope they stay gone.  They should’ve been done with those when Frank Miller did Year One.  Now they should give Superman a uniform like Samaritan from Astro City.  I bet he would pick up like 10,000 new readers just from losing the red tights people been sick of looking at for decades now!!

  23. I approve.

  24. To all complaining about the idea of Batman Inc:

    This is essentially Batman Family, I title which already existed and involves characters which already existed
    Maybe the idea of more than one Batman character is stupid, but it wasnt Grant that came up with that

  25. OK, wasn’t the black costume late 90s/early noughties?

  26. I can see this as being a great way to have a Batman in various places. It solves the Wolverine Problem where he appears on every book, and have a Batman appear in various corners of the DCU. It also mirrors the success of the Brave and the Bold cartoon, and allows the freedom to tell a Batman story across themes and genres which already work for the mythos (everything from camp, crime, noir, sci-fi, DCU Big 3, etc.)


    Morrison has a long time to experiment to see what works, what doesn’t, and to hone in on the story he wants to tell (even tying up some loose threads he left from RIP). Looking forward to it.