First Look at Stan Lee & Todd McFarlane’s BLOOD RED DRAGON

What do you get when you partner the father of Marvel Comics with a Japanese rockstar and Todd McFarlane? We're not quite sure either, but this is what it looks like.

Blood Red Dragon is the name of a comics/anime/music "transmedia" project created by Stan Lee, McFarlane and Yoshiki. The project is a fictionalized fantasy take on Yoshiki himself, in what McFarlane describes as a mystical version of Bruce Banner getting "pissed off" and turning into the Hulk. The property will make its first public appearance at next week's Comic-Con, with a unique comic book with a sound-chip (similiar to Hallmark cards) that will play a riff when you open it.

This isn't the first time Lee & McFarlane have teamed up; 90s-era comic fans might remember that direct-to-video documentary of the two (with Rob Liefeld) talking comics and even creating characters together way back when. There's a joke there somewhere about Rob Liefeld and a Japanese rockstar, if you look hard enough.

Anyway, here's some more concept art from the series.



  1. Hey Todd, how about coming back to drawing interior pages again?

  2. um… has Mignola seen this?

  3. Huh?!? This is making my head hurt. It may even explode. The more I think about it the whole concept, the more confused I get.

  4. A ‘Hulk’ who’se form varies depending on the situation. Or perhaps varying depending how his  lizard brain/reflexive insticnt reads the situation. Sounds interesting.