First Look: ‘Justice League: The New Frontier’

While this is more of a featurette and not a full on trailer there is quite a bit of footage from the upcoming direct-to-DVD animated release, Justice League: The New Frontier.

Thanks to Pol for the head’s up.

I’m so excited I’m ready to burst.

What’s great about the footage that they show here is that you can really see that the art style looks like a direct adaptation of Darwyn Cooke’s work and is not something that would fit in the DC Animated Universe.

I really, really hope that this and Superman: Doomsday sell like hotcakes so we get more of these movies. I’ve been dreaming of this kind of thing since I was a little kid. I always wondered why they didn’t just animate the stories in the comics since they always seemed so much better than whatever it was the Super Friends were doing that week. And now it’s come to pass. I have already preordered Superman: Doomsday, and I can’t wait to do the same with Justice League: The New Frontier.


  1. I finally read New Frontier a couple of weeks ago and you’re not kidding. I would never have guessed an adaptation could look that true to the original. I am very excited. No, excited doesn’t adequately describe what I am feeling right now.

    What is up with Bruce Timm? I am not knocking the guy, but he seems to have a different look (glasses, no glasses, ball cap, no ball cap, new haircuts, beard, no beard) every time he is in front of a camera. Is he hiding from someone? Is he an indecisive Skrull?

  2. Fabulous casting! Lawless? I would never have thought of that and it’s perfect, especially for the NF Diana. I am so excited for this!

  3. Is that the creepy, incestuous brother from 6 feet under as batman?

  4. Indeed it is. He’s got a gravely voice.

  5. I am SO glad to see that they stuck so closely to the art style of the book– indeed, watching that footage amounted to seeing the panels from the book brought to life. Reminded me of what Zack Snyder did with 300, actually.

    Now I’m just bummed we have to wait to spring 08!

  6. Yeah I’m totally hoping they start making more of these. Since they are doing Superman: Doomsday, I hope they come out with a Batman: Knightfall. That would be sweet. As long as the quality stays up at least.

  7. I am so excited about this, it’s going to be difficult to wait. And I am totally digging the voice talent.

  8. Fucking awesome…

    I love the art style. It’s not quite Cooke but not quite Timm either. It’s brilliant.

    I’m so stoked for this stuff.

  9. I really wish the Marvel dvd’s went more like this. I’ve only seen the two Ultimates ones, but I thought the first one was decent and the second one was horrible. I’ve heard the Iron Man one was better but haven’t checked it out.

  10. I’m psyched. A friend emailed me this along:

  11. Wow. Great voice casting on this one. Why can’t the Marvel DVDs have those kind of names? True, they gave us Olivia D’Abo as the Black Widow, but really, has she done much other than “The Wonder Years”?

    Oh, just my opinion… whoever said the “Iron Man” DVD was better than the “Ultimate Avengers”…nah. It’s not. And I’m not hatin’ on Tony Stark; I’m an old school Iron Fan from…let’s just say “way back.” It just wasn’t that great a movie.

  12. I saw this off of xbox live on the first day of comic-con

  13. holy shit, just…. holy shit! they are actually gonna do this right! it looks exactly like the New Frontier, good job DC!

  14. Dudes!! This is awesome. It makes me want to crack open my Absolute edition and stare in wonder. Definitely stoked beyond all reason for this one.

    Instead of Batman: Knightfall, what if they did Long Halloween? I would totally buy that.

  15. Since this and Superman: Doomsday are getting so much hype, do you think you guys might do special podcast episodes for their release? Just like the big screen adaptations?

  16. The voice casting does seem very interesing, with Superman being (I think) a home run choice, as is the Flash. I am dying to think what people think of David Boreanaz as Hal Jordon. I was just watching an old epidsode of Angel: The Series….hmmm, Buffy’s old boyfriend as Hal Jordon? That really does seem to me to be the lynchpin role in the story…

    Hmmm….Not sure what to think….

  17. How about we get a chance to actually hear these people doing voices?

  18. “How about we get a chance to actually hear these people doing voices?”

    Oh, I am very open to every one of these people doing a great job, and it’s not like we’ve never heard them “doing voices” — quite the opposite. I’ve heard David Boreanaz talk for over 8 years on two different shows. I think it’s great that the project is taken seriouly enough to hire a cast of people what are quite known for doing good acting work.

    Just curious. I’m sure D.C. doesn’t mind the speculative hype… looks like this one could really raise the bar on direct to DVD animation.

  19. It was wise not to put the voices in the trailer… At first I thought: Why did they replaced Kevin Conroy for the “clueless” guy (yeah, I first met the guy a long time ago on the clueless move and can’t get over it) But I put my entire trust on Bruce Timm and DC’s animation Crew, they were even able to revamp the cultural-mosaic superfriends (including the wonder twins)and do it so gracefully. This got me very exited.

    Marvel needs to get some good comic book artist on the story board department, I think therein lies the problem of their DVD’s

  20. Okay, here is a first.

    First time ever I feel so freakin’ estastic over a direct to DVD animated movie to be released.

    I was sucked into buying Marvel’s first two (both Avengers). Never again. I was pleasantly suprised with both Hellboy ones. A little put off by the art style, but the stories themselves, have been pretty good.

    I’ll buy the Superman/Doomsday one, even though I’m not a big fan of the story.

    This New Frontier one looks killer! I think it obviously helps a lot when the original writer/artist has a background in animation to begin with. If you haven’t read this story yet, you are missing out big time.


  21. Forget “Angel” (which I loved), based on his work on “Bones,” David Boreanez would be my choice to play a live action Hal Jordan, so I think he’ll be perfect for the voice. And Neil Patrick Harris as Flash? Brilliance. Sheer brilliance. He’s doing fantastic work on “How I Met Your Mother” (which I’ve heard called, rightly, “The Neil and Allyson (Hannigan) Show”).

    I’m picking up New Frontier this week, based on this preview. And iFanboy’s recommendations, obviously.

  22. Quinn, if you can, get the Absolute Edition. It’s like a 12 on a 10 point scale of gorgeous.

  23. I am so impressed with the voice cast for this. A friend of mine was upset that Kevin Conroy wasn’t doing Batman, but this is not “The Animated Series.” It’s totally different. I really like Sisto’s voice and am looking forward to his take on Batman.

  24. how bout a JLA live action 1st movie should have:

    leader-barry allen flash: ryan reynolds
    hal jordan GL: davis borenez (w/o knowing he is the voice for him)
    WW: taylor cole (ill fight 4 that choice)
    green arrow: michael vartan
    black canary: ali larter

    the 2nd would star: (10 years later)

    wally west flash: sean w scott
    john stewert GL: jamie fox (intense bad ass)
    WW: taylor cole again
    manhunter: jason statham
    hawkgirl: isla fisher
    SM: routh
    BM: (bales best but) chris meloni (to differentiate between BM1,2,3 & JLA
    aquaman: isnt needed but for a 15 min appearence star power like brad pitt is ok

    *** what do ya think?

  25. Seeing this great footage just makes me angry that Marvel could do things in such a slip shod fashion. I have seen the Ultimates 1 and 2, Iron Man and Dr. Strange (someone stop me I have a problem), and they all have lackluster animation and generic stories. In the next Direct to DVD movie they are abandoning the comics completely, as well as the pg-13 rating. They are doing a young avengers story set 50 years in the future, aimed directly at preteens. Needless to say I wont be buying that one.

    Seeing the New Frontier makes me wish that Marvel had stuck to the comics as a closer model. I don’t care about Superman Doomsday, but I am buying it. I just want the entire line to be successful, because I have respect for what DC has done in the past and have faith in what they will do in the future.

    It looks like DC per usual has the upper hand in the animation department.