First Look: Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic Episode 2

My fascination with the Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic continues, as Marvel as been so kind enough to provide with a look at the second episode of the Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic

I can’t ignore the fact that this was directed by artist John Cassaday and legendary artist Neal Adams.  In my head I picture the two of them huddled around a Mac, late at night, empty Chinese food containers strewn about as they frantically animate each panel, with an Astonishing X-Men Omnibus to their side for reference.  Then they take a smoke break and they discuss the intricacies of drawing the X-Men, and Neal busts John’s chops about being lazy with his layouts and John tells Neal that if he doesn’t like it, why doesn’t he draw the X-Men again. You see, they’ve been working for 32 hours straight and things are getting tense.  But they laugh it off, have a shot, and then get back to work…

Yeah, I know that’s probably as far away from how this project was really done, but in my mind, it’s way more interesting than even the final product sometimes.  *Sigh*  That said, I present to you a First Look at the second episode of the Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic!

And now, a word from Marvel:
Marvel is proud to unveil your first look at episode 2 of the Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic! Based on the acclaimed story by superstars Joss Whedon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and John Cassaday (Captain America), the X-Men are faced with a mysterious new villain and a possible cure for the mutant gene! Now Cyclops, Wolverine and all your favorite mutants must face the greatest threats of their lives and, before it’s all done, experience one of the most jaw-dropping moments in Marvel history!
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  1. @ron – Are you enjoying these?  I’m rather ambivalent, but this seems like it should be in your wheelhouse.

  2. i’ve already read it in comic form so why would i pay money to watch art squiggle around with poor voice acting *bitter*

  3. Looks like the first episode is already on hulu.  Why would a pay for something that I 1) already bought as a comic and 2) can get for free a week later.


    This is not the future of comics.  It’s a convergence of animation and comics but not where digital comics will go.

  4. @mikegraham6 the first one was on Hulu for free. I don’t know if they’ll put all of them on there though.

  5. This is like more Star Wars SE’s. You want my money, get me some new stuff.

  6. Sounds to me like Marvel is throwing everything at the wall and looking to see what will stick.

  7. @mikegraham: Why, you’d pay for it because it’s "new technology", some flickering little thing that you can watch on a varietry of little screens.

    In the future, how many carbon credits will it have cost to make and view something like this? Will ordinary citizens be able to nominate endeavors that are completely redundant and wasteful, so that maybe the government can just say "No more" to them? Because as totalitarian as that may sound, I would nominate motion comics of pre-existing stories in a heartbeat.

  8. I don’t *need* the motion comic version of the story I already have on my shelf, but I will say episode 1 of AXM was the first motion comic I watched all the way through.  And that’s kind of saying something.  Spider-Woman I couldn’t handle the voice acting; Invincible had incredibly poor "motion" that threatened headaches and seizures to the viewer; Watchmen had a single actor doing all the voices, which got old fast.  AXM didn’t annoy me in any way.  The voice acting wasn’t bad, and best of all, the motion was actual motion.  I don’t know if I care enough to buy the season pass…but I’d watch it. 

  9. Lockheed being a badass!

  10. :'(

  11. I’m in mikegraham6’s corner! Got the trades, love Cassaday art on paper!! Quirky facial expressions. It looks like I’m watching some paper dolls in stop motion!!

    Because it’s "NEW" technology, does that make it better?

    ex: when Bluray gets old in about 1-2 years whose going to upgrade their Bluray DVD’s to the next new thing?(400gig discs?)

  12. Man I read this book after I saw X3 and I think it ruined it a bit since some of the plot was taken from there … albeit badly.

  13. This motion comic seems pointless. Who wants to watch this, which has already been published and most people who’d be interested have probably already read it. Why not come up with something original instead of just animating old stuff?

  14. If there’s one thing the iFanboy clearly hates it’s Josh’s Picks of the Week.  If there are two things the iFanbase hates they’re Josh’s Picks of the Week and motion comics.

  15. @horatio: I’m already protesting!!!

  16. i just don’t understand the medium. It’s just a terrible cartoon. It just looks rediculous. If you want to see something that draws aspects of this style with traditional cartooning with great success, watch the old MAXX series.

  17. ha. it looks like Adult Swim

  18. I don’t love it but don’t hate it either and I will probably watch the rest of them.

  19. @wolf
    It looks like rejected Adult Swim.