FIREBREATHER The Animated Movie

Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn's Firebreather series from Image Comics has been adapted into a full length animated film and it premieres tonight on Cartoon Network!

Firebreather the movie is written by Jim Krieg and directed by Peter Chung.


  1. Good for them!  Gettting an optioned project actually turned into something this quickly is pretty impressive.

  2. I thought the adaptation was great. Coolthat peter chung directed it. Hope it leads to more FB animation

  3. hoping it comes to dvd cause it was awesome!

  4. Very entertaining! I haven’t read the comics, but heard many good things. I thought the animation and voice acting were exceptional for a "made for TV" adaptation. It will live on my DVR for repeat viewings.

  5. Bought the first trade and loved it. The second trade seemed like half the pages for twice the price. Too bad this was on the night before thanksgiving. Too much family stuff to watch cartoon network. Bad timing i think. 

  6. @wally: It’s re-airing on Friday after YOUNG JUSTICE.

  7. @conor–oooh that sounds awesome. Need to check out  young justice as well. Its a job to keep up with these shows! lol

  8. Just watched this this morning on Tivo. It was good. Thoroughly enjoyed it.