Filling in the Gaps, it’s User Reviews! – UPDATED

We’re highlighting user reviews for their awesomeness, and for talking about books we don’t get to talk about. Here’s this week’s crop, and the rest can be found in the Comics section.

phantomphrenemy provides us an update on the state of things with Birds of Prey #117. I’m just shocked this book has gone for that many issues!

Story: 4 / Art: 5

Fantastic issue. I was rather worried that losing Gail Simone on this title would spell certain death, but McKeever has a grip on these characters…too bad to see it’s his last issue. I hope Tony Bedard manages to keep this book as strong as it has been.

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rift1128 isn’t so happy with the art in Thor #8.
Story: 3 / Art: 3I feel the art was very lackluster in the issue. Marko Djurdjevic steps in for the second issue while taking a different approach from his covers. Dani Miki inks his work. I feel if he had done the issue with the same painted approach he uses for his covers. I understand that would have been much more time consuming, but the fact remains it doesn’t have the “pop” his paintings do.

jimski brings his raging eloquence to the oddness of the The Mighty Avengers #12, that wasn’t really The Mighty Avengers.

Story: 2 / Art: 4

If you had been reading this title and no other since it debuted, you would have seen a certain consistent style and approach to storytelling that was very distinct from the rest of the line. The book had a certain kind of artist doing a certain kind of thing with a certain kind of story. Its mission statement from the beginning was to bring back a lot of the color and bombast that had been missing from the decompressed superhero books of the era….And then, suddenly, we’re visiting downtown Graytonia with Alex Maleev and his photorealism as sets of two people (almost none of whom have ever appeared in the book until this moment) sit in drab rooms talking about their feelings.

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webhead gives a state of the union from the unwieldy title of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Vector, Part 3 #27. Unfortunately, things are not so good.
Story 3 / Art 1The art is horrible. Everybody’s face looks off, and while I’m usually okay with cartoony art, this is just awful. The Jedi Celeste’s face is so bizarre. It looks like she’s had her wisdom teeth pulled out and is swollen. It completely pulls your attention away from everything else, and really saps any cool factor from the Jedi centric story.

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Thanks everyone! Keep it up.


But wait! There’s more! It’s an updated entry from late in the day on a book from a couple weeks back, but this is good reviewin’:

John42 is not messing around with his exemplary essay on All Star Superman #10. Do yourself a favor and read it.

Story: 5 / Art: 5

There’s so much meaning in All Star Superman #10 that it’s easy to miss. Comics are such a weekly, transitory medium that books which reward long, deep, re-reading are at a disadvantage. All Star is similar to Astonishing X-Men in that Morrison and Whedon are both usually verbose writers producing sparse dialogue. In both cases, I think the writers feel such respect for their subject matter that they feel a responsibility for efficiency, to pack the most amount of meaning in the least amount of words. All Star #10 certainly does that.



  1. With such a small week this week, I didn’t really feel the need to do any reviews, but I really enjoyed everyone’s opinions this week.  I especially liked Jimski’s take on Might Avengers.

  2. Your excuses are pitiful.  Get out of my sight!

    (Today, I’m a harsh taskmaster.)

  3. Well someone has to be, I guess.

    I have a feeling that the issue of Mighty Avengers is telling us more then we realize. There might be a reason why we’re told all this stuff about Fury in Mighty Avengers, or Bendis just needed a platform to tell Fury’s story. Not sure yet, I’ll wait and see, but for now, I enjoyed the issue. Since I’ve only been reading comics for about 3 or 4 years, I haven’t gotten to read a lot of stuff with Fury in them, so that was nice.

    And yeah, he did look a lot like Dominic Purcell from Prison Break (and John Doe, anyone remember that?).

  4. JOHN DOE was great.

  5. @Josh-  …(bows head) Yes sir.  *sniff*

  6. what a treat to hear conor read my review. it’s put him neck and neck with josh as my favorite host. but a little more enthusiasm next time, ok?! ha ha ho ho hee hee!! i think if you’d have read my hulk #3 review i’d have pissed myself. maybe next time.

    IFANBOY f’n RULZ!!


  7. @Conor-Too bad the show ended when it did, it was really going places.

  8. Talk about a show that ended when it was going places; I miss the Birds Of Prey show. Total guilty pleasure (as in not actually very good but loads of fun to watch), I get nostalgia for it everytime I watched Jericho.

  9. Man BIRDS OF PREY was 33% cool, 33% passable, and 34% terrible.  But that first 33% was enough to get me to preorder the DVD set.

  10. @Conor – Oh comepletely, dude, the suck-factor was off the scales sometimes, but it had enough cool moments that I enjoyed (even though I know I shouldn’t have, and this site is probably the only public place I can admit that without fear of being lynched!).

    Ferris’ girlfriend was so hammy as Harley I had to love it…

    Wait, there’s a DVD SET?????!!! 


    I forsee an epic written piece (like the SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES one) once this comes out.

  12. Conor, thank you, just ordered the set!

    On your proposed written piece, I have 2 words; DO IT!!!