‘Fantastic Four’ Footage Leaked

Someone’s going to get fired for this.

JoBlo.com has posted footage from the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

The footage is down at the moment, so we will update with our thoughts when it’s back up and running. But for the time being, we get our first look at Doctor Doom and some very interesting still shots of the FF in action.


  1. too late:

    “UPDATE: Fox has asked us to remove the FANTASTIC FOUR video from our website. Despite looking damn good, the clips were apparently rough materials from early in production and not true to the way the film will look. Sorry for the inconvenience, folks. If interested in any other FF news (it seems like we’ve been having a FF week on JoBlo.com this week), check out our set report, Q&A and groovy pic of the Thing while you’re here.”

  2. I still think the Thing doesn’tlook very good.

  3. Don’t let Vic hear you say that.

  4. good point