Discussion: ‘Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer’

This is this the opening weekend for Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Normally we would have seen it opening night and then recorded our thoughts on a special edition podcast…except that we’re down in Charlotte, NC for Heroes Con. So the Fantastic Four 2 podcast is going to be delayed — we still plan on doing it — we just need to see the movie first… I’m sure you understand.

In the meantime, feel free to discuss the movie here.

I suppose we should post the general SPOILER waring. If you haven’t seen the movie and/or don’t want plot points ruined, then go somewhere else. thanks.


  1. I saw Rise of The Silver Surfer last night. It was surprisingly good. Much better than I expected. The dialogue was much better, which I think was the most annoying problem with the first. Doom’s voice makes him such an unintimidating villain. It drives me crazy.I’m also still annoyed by the casting of Jessica Alba. She’s beautiful, but she doesn’t fit the part a all. {spoiler} In the end Johnny becomes a Super Skrull basically which was really fun. I wish that we’d seen Galactus though. Even a silhouette with glowing eyes would have been awesome.

    In the end there isn’t a whole lot to say about. It wasn’t amazing, but I didn’t think there were too many big problems. It was just good.

  2. I saw it yesterday afternoon, and I really enjoyed it. I was one of the few who didn’t think the first one was all that bad. Now, I’m not saying it was the greatest, but it was tolerable and fun to watch.

    The second movie definitely is an improvement to the first one. I would say that everything was improved from the character interactions to the action. I have to second TheNewton’s thoughts on Jessica Alba–her fake blue eyes are a major distraction through the whole movie. Aren’t there like 5,000 beautiful blonde actresses that could have played this part?

    My only other beef with the movie is the way it handled the capturing of the Silver Surfer. He’s immediately taken and tortured by the military, which makes the Surfer’s decision at the end a little bit harder to swallow. Sure, he’s inspired by Sue, but one would think he wouldn’t want to save a race that would have tortured him right away (or maybe I’m just an unforgiving bastard). I’ll be honest though, it’s hard for me to think of another way for the Surfer to be off his board so that Doom can get on it.

    One last thing I want to mention is that the Surfer effects are AMAZING!! The special effects crew did a great job with him and alot of the other effects.

    Overall, the movie was really great, and I’ll probably pick both up on DVD when the inevitable two-pack comes out with both films. Again, it’s nothing extraordinary, but it’s darn good comic book fun!

  3. ** No Spoiler **
    Just got back from FF:Rise of the Surfer. It was entertaining and I thought better than the first one, but not nearly as good as it could have been. The story was good and they did a great job with the surfer, but there were some very glaring weaknesses. 1) Dr. Doom still sounds like a nerdy elf. This doesn’t fit my idea of Dr. Doom at all. I’m expecting something along the lines of Darth Vader or something I guess. 2) Mr Fantastic effects looked very lame. I thought they looked better than this in the first movie. A little more attention to detail and this could have been a great super hero movie.

    Have fun at the con.

  4. I thought it was good. The interaction between the FF and the General was bad though. The General acted like the military could handle this guy as he seen him but a huge whole into the Earth. I agree with the Doom thing. He needs to have a deeper voice like Batman does in Batman Begins. Better than the first even though i didn’t hate the first. Go see it!

  5. One question about ROTSS, in a commercial for it some of the text on the screen said something along these lines ” The powers that made them fantastic will give rise to a new force.” Did they make it so the surfer got his powers from just regulat old cosmic rays or did they actually have at least foreshadowing of galactus in the movie?

  6. Galactus


    Jive-ass honkies all in here.

  8. I liked it. I really, really liked it. Johnny was improved from the last movie, and his Super-Skrull-esque moment was really well done. I was disappointed that there wasn’t a personification of the devourer, but putting my fanboy-ism aside, I think it was actually a really good representation. I think the movie wrapped up a little too quickly and easily at the end, but it was moving.

    One question: is every Marvel movie character now contractually required to have a goofy dancing moment? Will Wolverine be dancing like John Travolta across the disco floor with his claws extended? Will Magneto be doing the watusi and the mashed potato?

  9. Neb, I was disappointed with Alba too. She’s a good physical actor, she was convincingly powerful, but not so much emotionally. Sue came across as shallow and vacuous, which oddly enough is also my impression of Alba.

    As for the Surfer, I think he would understand that he’s at war with the worlds he’s preparing, so while I’m sure that the army’s torture didn’t enamor him to the human race, it shouldn’t have tainted his opinion either. But what really turned him, and what was moving to me, was to see Reed’s love and sorrow over Sue’s passing away. It became personal to him, and I think he realized what was at stake, on a global scale, and that convinced him to go up against Galactus. Amazingly, this was really apparent in the Surfer’s performance. I’m curious to hear what the actor original voice performance sounded like. It’s strange, but even going in knowing it was Fishburne, I didn’t once think about the Surfer’s voice during the movie. I guess that’s a good thing.

  10. I saw FF: ROTSS last night and thought it was fun. Not great but fun. I can’t believe no one has mentioned the ending. How the Silver Surfer stops Galactus? That was by far the stupidest part of the movie. There is no way that the Silver Surfer can stop Galactus. Puh-leaze.

    That said I went in expecting them to change some things from the comic books. I was disappointed that there was no face time for the Big G and no Ultimate Nullifier, although I wasn’t really expecting either one to make an appearance. I was kind of expecting this movie to just be a build up for the next movie in which Galactus finally shows up.

    The comic books are better but the movie was fun.

  11. Well, looks like so far everyone is in agreement about this movie. Or at least I agree with all the coments so far. And Patio you nailed it with that dancing crap. Again, I was entertained and it was an improvement but the weaknesses were glaring.

  12. I’m glad people seem to be liking this quite a bit. My opinion is that it captures feel of the Kirby/Lee run on FF quiet well, the sort of goofy “gee-wiz” of it all. Not everything made sense, but it made sense in a Stan Lee sort of way.

    If you’re not a fan of the Lee/Kirby stuff, and find the sort of early Marvel comics as being very cheesy then I could see why this film might not be up your alley. If really moves away from the faux-realism that the X-films and last Batman movie goes for and is just a big full colour comic film.

    My one complaint is to echo the stuff about Sue Storm’s character, part of which is writing. She’s a great scientist in her own right, or supposed to be, so while Sue’s always been a bit exasperated by Reed’s working 24/7 she understands the importance of that work. She certainly would not sit down and start crying because the first alien to ever arrive on earth stopped their wedding. She’d be just as interested as Reed in finding out about it.

    Having said that once they got past the “Sue is sad” thing and moved onto the actual plot it picked up.

  13. I loved it. I especially liked Johnny Storm.

  14. I just saw it.

    Doom rides a board.

    It was worth it.

  15. Enjoyed it from beginning to end. The characterization in the FF is great. Sure, Dooms voice is unfitting, but you get over it. Besides, he was nasty in this one.

  16. I enjoyed it a lot, which is saying something since I hated the first one. This one was campy super hero fun, which, to me, is what the F4 is all about.

  17. Doug Jones is effing incredible. That guy could not only silently act his way out of a cardboard box, but he could also act AS a cardboard box and keep me interested in the movie. (wait a minute….act as a cardboard box…..thought just occurred to me: Doug Jones as a silent Solid Snake in a Metal Gear movie? Maybe. Doug Jones as the Ninja in a Metal Gear movie? Awesome!)

  18. Just saw it. I enjoyed it much to my surprise. I coun’t stand the first one mainly becuase it bored me to tears. My big complaint with this is the same as the previouse film. Dr. Doom is handled so poorly that he isn’t even Doom anymore. Whatever. They shot themselves in the foot in the first one with that.

  19. Wow, I can’t believe that most of you guy liked it. I thought it was horrible! We did a review of it on our podcast and we just ripped the thing apart, I’m really surprised to see that the reviews here are almost all positive

  20. really, I thought it was so FUN! sure the ending blew and alot of the dialogue was cheesy, Iwas still thorougly entertained

  21. I liked it. The four actors have a good chemistry together. I loved seeing Marvel’s First Family in a better movie. Stan Lee is the man.

  22. …….the only thing that gets me about the movie is….. silver surfer has god-like powers, nothing on earth even comes close…. especially f4 or the military…..

  23. well to be fair it was quite entertaining, loads more action scenes, pace wasn’t too bad, doom was feckin hilarious on his board doing tricks that would make a pro snowboarder go mad, and the special effects were usually good, despite that dreadful dance scene…talk about windows 98 paint effects!

    though galactus did look quite cool, it was original, a voice would have been cool, as well as maybe a big robotic ship in the center, just to give it some sort of definition. But i came out of the cinema fine, not angry, just elevated to be able to go home and crack open a bottle of magners. Worth a watch on a sunday!