Fan Made X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Credits Are Retrotastic!

X-Men: First Class might just be the Little Engine That Could of comic book cinema. And if this opening credits sequence created by X-Fan X-traordinaire Joe D! is any indication of the potential for Mad Men-esque awesomeness then we are in for a treat. Furthermore, for a level of nested nerdom, do any of you recognize the song being played? Be sure to click throught Vimeo link for the creators full description of this pitch perfect title sequence.

X-Men: First Class Title Sequence from Joe D! on Vimeo.


Found via Pat Loika's Tumblr blog. Thanks, Pat!


  1. Very cool, but probably needs some mock-up headlines reflecting the suspected existence of mutants or some such thing; something to tie that 60’s era political stuff to the world of the X-Men.

    Still… very cool. 

  2. ‘Tis awesome.

  3. Thats basically awesome. How great would a Saul Bass superhero title treatment have been?  Love the music as well. 

  4. Love it. The music is the theme of 90’s animated X-Men, I believe.

  5. Very cool.

  6. Without the music, still pretty awesome. With the music, freakin brilliant!

  7. Scarily Haunting and Impressive

  8. Great! Felt very grindhouse-ish.

  9. That trailer definitely carried the X gene because it was freakishly good.

  10. Very cool.

  11. That was pretty friggin sweet. And I love that Kirby got first billing. S’funny.

  12. Feels like the credits for an old samurai pic.  Solid.

  13. I am sad now for the actual credits can not be this cool

  14. Very retro look, but also very TV-ish. I recognized the melody of the music, but it was really badly done.

  15. My feelings exactly, MutantSentry.

  16. Man, it’s like a Juan Doe cover come to life. That’s aces

  17. Amazing …. is Matthew Vaughn phoning this chap yet?

  18. Yeah, Saul Bass for the win.

  19. that was pretty cool

  20. Loved the trailer and the version of the 90s theme. It reminded me of the Catch Me If You Can intro.

  21. pretty amazing not to mention they picked the very best x-men theme song.

  22. You must harness your iFanboy powers for good and being this to the attention of the Powers That Be!