Fallout Graphic Novel by Dark Horse Announced


Fallout New Vegas Collector's Edition box

Yesterday, video game publisher Bethesda announced the contents of the Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition coming this fall. Among the various tsotchkes included in the pack comes an exciting bit of news for fans of comics and the Fallout universe: a hardcover graphic novel entitled All Roads. Penned by Fallout: New Vegas creative director Chris Avellone, All Roads looks like it will serve as a sort of prequel to the game. No word yet on who the artist will be on the project, how long the graphic novel will be, or if comic fans will be able to purchase All Roads seperately, but I expect we'll be getting some more info from Dark Horse in the coming weeks.

For those of you not familiar with the Fallout RPGs, the games take place several decades after a world-wide nuclear conflict caused by resource shortages across the globe. Those lucky enough to escape the initial blasts sought refuge in underground “Vaults”, self sustaining bunkers the size of small cities, while other survivors carry on civilization as best (or as worst) they can in the wastelands of America. Filled with dark humor and post-nuclear 1950s charm, the Fallout games have kept me ensnared in their narratives since the first one hit PCs in 1997. With few exceptions (EA and Image's Dead Space series comes to mind), comics set in video game universes usually leave a lot to be desired. But the world of Fallout has grown immensely over the last 13 years, and one of the main reasons for its continued popularity are the excellently written stories and believable characters that make Fallout such an immersive experience. With the game's creative director at the helm, I'm keeping the faith that All Roads will be a good read.

Also included in the Fallout: New Vegas collector's edition are a set of poker chips, a fully customized set of playing cards featuring characters and factions from the game, and a documentary “making of” DVD. New Vegas is scheduled to come out on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 sometime later this year.


  1. Nice

  2. Well time to beat Fallout 3. I love that Dark Horse has been doing some good video game comics.

  3. Interesting. Chris Avellone is one of the greatest videogame writers having written Planescape Torment, so I only hope he can write comics half as well.

  4. This sounds promising.  Fallout 3 is an exceptional game.  I have high hopes for New Vegas.

  5. Fallout got me hooked with the most recent game. New Vegas looks great so far.

    Dark Horse has been doing some great video game comics lately, haven’t they? 

  6. Going to be in the minority here but I didn’t care too much for Fallout 3. It was the presentation not anything having to do with story so the comic does intrest me; however, if I have to by New Vegas to check it out I’ll skip it.

  7. One of the best and most involving games I’ve ever played. Psyched for the new one and the GN.

  8. Sweet! I love this game.