EXCLUSIVE: Return of the Dapper Men by Adrian Alphona

As we inch closer the the New York Comic-Con, we get closer to the premiere release of The Return of the Dapper Men from Archaia Studios by writer Jim McCann and artist Janet Lee.  We've previously highlighted the most excellent cover to the book, as well as chatted with Jim McCann about it, and today we're lucky enough to have some exclusive art from the upcoming book.

In addition to the mind blowingly great art from Janet Lee, The Return of the Dapper Men will include a pinup gallery of art from some of the comic book industry's top talent.  I've seen the list of names that will in this book, and it will knock your socks off. 

Today we have for you an exclusive peek at one of the pin-ups that will be included in the book by Adrian Alphona with colors by Christina Strain.  You may remember Alphona from his work on Runaways, and Christina Strain is one of the many talented colorists working today.  

Already you can see how the stylized look of Dapper Men comes to life by other artists, i can't wait to see all the rest of these pin-ups!

Return of the Dapper Men


  1. That is simply AMAZING!

  2. Nice!

  3. So nice to see Alphona’s art again. Its like a warm, drug addled hug!

  4. This looks amazing. Really looking forward to ths book but cant for the life of me rememeber when its out. Anyone?