EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Martian Confederacy: From Mars With Love

There's nothing better than a good sequel, and in the spirit of the great sequels such as The Empire Strikes Back and The Godfather, Part 2, comes The Martian Confederacy Volume 2: From Mars With Love.  Written by Jason McNamara and art by Paige Braddock (of Jane's World fame), volume 2 of the epic Martian Confederacy is a unique take on science fiction mixed with romance and non-stop action. 

In this day and age where order thresholds and challenges in distribution make independent comic publishing difficult, The Martian Confederacy Volume 2: From Mars With Love stands to deliver a great comic book reading experience for those who read volume 1, The Martian Confederacy: Red Planet, Red Necks; or if you didn't get a chance to read volume 1, we've been told that this latest volume stands on its own and and can be enjoyed by all.  We're constantly being asked for recommendations for comics that are new and different or that offer an alternative to the mainstream comics.  Without a doubt, The Martian Confederacy Volume 2: From Mars With Love is definitely a comic worth checking out if you're looking for something new.  If the first volume was any indication, which I thoroughly enjoyed, then this new edition stands to be well worth your money.

Shipping in October,  The Martian Confederacy Volume 2: From Mars With Love is available for pre-order in Previews (Order code: AUG101040) and sells for just $15.00.  That may sound like a lot for one volume, but for that $15 you get over 150 pages of romantic, humor-filled science fiction action all on the planet Mars.   

Here's the official description of the latest volume:


Hearts will be broken, moons will be destroyed and hooch will flow in zero gravity in this sci-fi romantic action comedy set in the year 3535. When someone, or something, starts kidnapping the children of Mars, the planet’s most notorious outlaws band together to rescue them. Off world, out numbered and falling apart from within can the Martian Confederates discover the secret of Phobos before they destroy each other? And does what "happen in space, stay in space?"

We've got our hands on some exclusive previews of pages from the book, so you be the judge.  If you like what you see, be sure to get your orders in with your local retailer!



  1. if I see it, and it has a good flow and cover, this appeals to me, I’d buy it