As we inch closer and closer to the finale of one of our favorite science fiction comic books, Fear Agent, we get more and more bitter.  Because I don't know about you, but it seems like this book is just getting better.  This week, we get the third chapter of the Out of Step storyline in Fear Agent #30.  The story of this arc has been the fantastic art addition of Tony Moore working with Mike Hawthorne, who has been killing it on art duties.  Thanks to writer Rick Remender, we're esctatic to offer the first 4 pages of Fear Agent #30 for you to check out and see just where the next chapter of Fear Agent is going.  We pick up with old Heath Huston on the next ste of his journey.

Fear Agent #30 goes on sale this Wednesday, October 27th, checks in at 32 pages (with a sweet back up story) and will cost you $3.50

Fear Agent #30
Writer – Rick Remender
Art – Mike Hawthorne, Tony Moore
Dark Horse Comics – $3.50


Check out the first four pages from Fear Agent #30:



  1. I can’t wait until the Omnibus edition, the art is great.

  2. I read this in trades but it looks good.

  3. @doddsickle – ditto, will buy as soon as it hits IST

  4. Christ, Heath is just plain broken at this point, isn’t he?  Look at his face in that last panel.