Dad@17 #4Every so often when I'm in the comic shop, I'll pick up a random indie book, just to check it out.  You never know what you may get, and shopping by the cover alone sometimes can be fun.  I lucked out a few years ago when I picked up Dead@17 by Josh Howard.  Normally I don't go for the horror type books, but I liked the look of Howard's art and it turned out to be a pretty great comic book.

Now a few years have passed and Dead@17 has found a home at Image Comics, most recently with the 4 issue mini-series, Dead@17:The Witch Queen.  The Witch Queen takes the story of the main protagonist of Dead@17, Nara and moves the story further into the horror/fantasy realm with a showdown between Nara and The Witch Queen.  It's been an exciting story so far and issue #4, in stores next week on June 23, promises to deliver a shocking finale to the series and sets the stage for the upcoming final chapter of Dead@17.

Image Comics was kind enough to provide us with 9 pages from issue #4, from which you can definitely get a feel for the book and Howard's storytelling and art. 

If you haven't been reading Dead@17 perhaps this will help you decicde to check it out the back issues, or look for the trade when it's released. 

As for those you who are reading Dead@17, what have you thought about this recent series?

DEAD @ 17: THE WITCH QUEEN #4 (of 4)
story & art JOSH HOWARD


Preview pages of Dead@17: The Witch Queen #4:

dead@17 #4