EXCLUSIVE – iFanboy Users Meet Graphic.ly

We just sent an e-mail to all registered users of iFanboy with this news, but we wanted to make sure everyone saw this cool announcement for iFanboy users:

Earlier this week you may have seen my post about a new digital comics platform, Graphic.ly. Well, the fine folks at Graphic.ly have offered us the opportunity to invite all the users of iFanboy.com to be able to check out the Graphic.ly application. The iFanbase will be among the very first people to get their hands on this cutting edge digital comics app!

Graphic.ly has been very outspoken about their commitment to the community and creating an application that we'd all be excited to use. You can hear more about this on their blog. When they looked online for a comics community that would give them honest and valued feedback, they came to us, and all of you in the iFanboy community. Pretty cool huh? You know how proud we are of the iFanboy community because we know you're the best around, so it's pretty cool to see that others think so too. Now's your chance to be heard to to help make a digital comics platform that you'd actually want to use. Graphic.ly wants to hear from you, so be sure to let them now what you think!

Now, paid iFanboy Members will be the first to get access, but that won't be for a couple of days, so there's time become an iFanboy Member and be amongst the first to get access to Graphic.ly. But fear not, you don't need to be a paid iFanboy Member to get early access to Graphic.ly, we will eventually send all registered members of iFanboy an invite. So with just a little patience, you'll be able to check it out soon.

So registered iFanboy users, keep an eye on your in-box, in no time at all we will be sending you information about how to download the application and gain access to Graphic.ly. Initially the Windows version will the first app available, but fear not Mac users, the Mac version will be coming very soon thereafter.

If you haven't registered for an account and just lurk on iFanboy, that's cool, but make sure you register today if you want early access to Graphic.ly! Once you've registered, stay tuned to your e-mail and in a few days you can enjoy the perks of being a registered user of iFanboy as you get an early glimpse of the future of comics!


  1. yay 😀

  2. Member benefits ENGAGE!!!

  3. Excellent.  I can’t wait to give this a try.

    Thank you for making this happen. 

  4. This rocks. Thanks guys!

  5. Wait…what happened to Longbox?

  6. @DWarren: Nothing has happened to Longbox. It’s in private beta at the moment.

  7. Ahhhh.  I thought maybe there was a name change or something.  This should be interesting, but no native Mac client…le sigh.

  8. I am excited to try this out, but still, I think that the digital comics platform that will come out on top will be the one that offers the most titles at the best prices (like Apple did with the iTunes store).

  9. The Adobe Air app works really well on OS X, I wouldn’t be worried about it not being "native"

  10. iFanboy is the coolest friend with benefits that I have ever had! Can’t wait to try this bad boy out.

  11. I need to be a member!!!

  12. @TNC What are you waiting for?

    I feel like making a commercial for iFanboy. Something like the ads for BuyOwner. Thanks iFanboy! Am I making sense here?

  13. @Rusty: I don’t have any money……*empty pockets*

  14. @TNC-It just cost one shitty/Deadpool comic a month!

  15. @drake: Well I am dropping  Deadpool Team Up…..hmm

  16. good stuff !

  17. You guys are the best!

  18. Awesome!

  19. Nice to see another entrant. Now if only DC Comics would actually come out and support these initiatives like Marvel has been.

  20. Excitement growing…building…come on email!

  21. Got the e-mail.  Definitely bare-bones beta.  I think its potential really exists in the possible community features.

  22. I downloaded this and am presently using it.  Definitely in the early stages, but I think it’s so flippin’ cool to be a part of this process.  I mean, we’re helping create a program that will be part of the next age of comics.  That’s pretty exciting stuff.  I encourage all members to hop on and give some feedback.

  23. Ah man, i just noticed that the email account attached to my ifanboy account isn’t my email any more, and hasn’t been mine email for a long time(2 years) and I totally forget my password. So i guess I won’t be able to retrieve my email to get an account.

  24. I accidentally deleted my email. Any chance I can get another one?

  25. I never actually got an e-mail. was it something i said 🙁

  26. @JohnVFerrigno: Only 100 e-mails went out. Another batch of 100 will be going out soon.

  27. Be prepared for a relatively large download (~116 MB).

  28. I did get the email, I just accidentally deleted it.

    <— Massive douche.

  29. It appears you will also need Microsoft .NET Framework 4 to use this program (I did), so be prepared for another sizable download.

    [I’m not complaining, just trying to be informative.] 

  30. @Noto – do you need another email sent?

  31. Glad to see people have their hands on the software and enjoying it.  As Neb said (who I wish had twitter) any ideas, problems, praises, or anything else should be put up on Get Satisfaction.  Don’t worry you can access it through the software, but you will have to create a login for it.

    Seriously Neb, Twitter. 😛 

  32. will be intresting when they start sending out to none paying members. 🙂

  33. Got my invite and installing now!  Can’t wait!   I hope they carry a few indie books I have kind of been looking for.

  34. I’ve been playing with the program for the last hour.  It is much smoother than I expected it to be.  It isn’t the resource hog I expected it to be.  The books look nice, but it is relatively unpolished.  There is a rather robust error/comment reporting system that makes me confident improvements are on the way.

    Thank you iFanboy and Graphic.ly (jstump) for this opportunity.

    I would love to see a situation going forward where comic reviews/comments on Graphic.ly and iFanboy were synchronized automatically (maybe link our iFanboy accounts like the program does with Facebook).  That would be excellent.  

  35. @ron (or other iFanboy guru) Thanks for resending the email. I look forward to checking this out tonight.

  36. I am patiently waiting my turn. 🙂

  37. I happy to see so many familiar names on Graphic.ly and submitting issues, praises, and more on Get Satisfaction.

  38. Possible good news for iFanboy visitors who aren’t paying members:

    I just got my invite.

    However, I did sign up for the Graphic.ly beta separate from iFanboy so it could be because of that. 

  39. BTW, for those waiting, it sucks donkey balls for now. It is promising but worthless to me as long as the prices are $2 and there is no rotate option.

  40. Installing as we speak!

  41. Super excited for the potential to this, and I certainly won’t pass judgment until it is out of early Beta at least, but as of now the one glaring problem I have is the $2. .99 cents sells a digital book, $2 does not, for me. Also, some UI tweaks and changed would help too!

  42. @miyamotofreak – I’m not sure what you mean by a "rotate option" can you put that up on as an idea on Get Satisfaction under Graphic.ly?  Also feel free to post your thoughts on the prices as well.

    We really want to get people entering thoughts, ideas, problems, and praise on Get Satisfaction, which can be accessed through the software. 

  43. Yeah, what Jstump says. This isn’t theplace to discus you problems/thoughts. You need to do that through the application.

  44. @conor

    Actually I’ve already submitted it through the application but I think the application glitched out when submitting.

  45. @miyamotofreak if you’re having problems doing it through the app you can submit issues/thoughts through this link:


  46. So where exactly is the forum for pointless bitching and nonconstructive critisism?

  47. This is going to be a facinating dicotomy to watch and compare between graphic.ly’s developement, being so open and inclusive, and Longbox’s, which is mostly behind closed doors and relying much more on professional consultation. I’m really curious to see who ends up with the better service/product.

  48. I’m definitely willing to beta test but the requirement of downloading the seperate .Net 4.0 Framewrok concerns me. That’s alpha (internal) testing stuff.

    Sidenote: Thought some of you guys would find this profile of Graphic.ly interesting:

    CES: How to get mentioned in a Steve Ballmer Microsoft keynote