EXCLUSIVE COVERS PREVIEW: Fear Agent, Magnus and Terminator

There's nothing finer in this world than a pretty comic book cover to drool over and our friends at Dark Horse have given us an exclusive sneak peak at some upcoming covers to some very good comic books.  This is the FIRST chance anyone's had to see these covers, which will be adorning comics coming out this fall.  By the looks of it, October 27th is going to be one pretty day for the comics racks in the Dark Horse section.  We hope you enjoy the pretty, pretty art.  First up is one of our fave books


Fear Agent #31 – cover by  Tony Moore

Fear Agent #31

The second to last issue of the legendary sci-fi series Fear Agent gets one of those dramatic, alien filled covers by Tony Moore.  Man, I'm going to miss this book and big huge brain aliens is just one reason why.

Fear Agent #31
Written by Rick Remender
Art by Mike Hawthorne and Tony Moore
In stores on October 27, 2010


Magnus, Robot Fighter #3 – cover by Raymond Swanland

Magnus Robot Fighter #3

The relaunch of the classic Gold Key characters continues as comics industry veteran Jim Shooter has been spinning tales of Magnus, Robot Fighter fighting, well, robots.  And lots of them.  This cover by Raymond Swanland gives you an idea of what's in store, a robot Fight Club, so to speak.

Magnus, Robot Fighter #3
Written by Jim Shooter
Art by Bill Reinhold
In stores on October 27, 2010


The Terminator:1984 #2 – cover by Massimo Carnevale

Terminator 1984 #2

Who's inpsired and ready to rally after seeing this cover?  Terminator: 1984 turns back to the clock to the origins of the Terminator series, when leg warmers were in and Frankie Goes To Hollywood topped the charts.  Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, on their own in Los Angeles.  Zack Whedon is writing this series, so you know it's going to be good and if this cover by Massimo Carnevale is any indiction of what the inside of the book is like, it should be a fun read.

Terminator: 1984 #2
Written by Zack Whedon
Art by: Andy MacDonald
In stores on October 27, 2010


So what do you think? Judging a book by it's cover, are you in?


  1. The Terminator: 1984 looks awesome. I’ll have to pick it up. Always awesome to see Sarah Connor kicking ass.

  2. Probably not going to pick any of these up but they are gorgeous covers.

    Quick question though, the robot fighter….Is this the same guy who can karate chop a robot and make it explode in a million pieces?

  3. A) Andy McDonald is stupid talented. I mean, just insipid amounts of talented.

    B) I want to read "old Heath" so bad I can taste the old people.

  4. That Fear Agent cover is simply magical.

  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    All of these are undoubtedly going to be in Best of the Week in Covers. 

    I can do that.  

  6. I was going to pick up the Fear Agent, of course, but had no interest in the other two until I saw those covers. I suppose that’s the whole purpose of a good cover