Everything You Need To Know About The Mighty Thor in Four Panels, by Ty Templeton

With Thor on the big screen and him and his Asgardian brethren dominanting the comic shelves, there are still a lot some people may not know about Thor. While an updated edition of our own Where Do I Start? column might be in your future, cartoonist Ty Templeton tells it to us everything we need to know about The Mighty Thor not in four books, but four panels.


Who else would pay to see Ty take on other heroes in four-panel, four-color glory?


  1. ….The Hammer is my penis

  2. I want a MODOK one right now.  And a StarFox one.

    Also, I defy him to create a Hawkman one!

  3. This is PERFECT.

  4. marvel needs to start sewing the seeds of post coital thor into the marvel universe proper!

  5. This is great.

    I know a certain someone who won’t like that ‘Thunderstrike is a dick’ comment though. 

  6. Ty Templeton must chronicle all comics icons in Four Panels!

  7. i like…Thunderstrike. ( sigh )

  8. I’m excited for the Iron Man version.

  9. I would love to see a 4 panel story of Moon Knight

  10. Also, “Who wants to be banished somewhere?” should totally catch on as a new catch phrase.

  11. I’m surprised no one mentioned Aqua-Man…then again, that would only take ONE panel.

  12. HAWKMAN! Now that would be genius! ( I still like Thunderstrike. )

  13. Grrrr Thunderstrike…