Everyone is iFanboy: User Reviews!

Just like last week, we want to highlight the people reviewing books, and taking time to write helpful, thoughtful reviews. We can’t get to every book that comes out, and you can help fill the gap, and make sure there’s a place to talk about all the comics you want to talk about. Then sometimes, we just like to see a different point of view.

Jurassicalien makes with his take on The Mighty Avengers #10, and like many of us, doesn’t care about the Sentry, but still rates the issue with a 4 for story and 4 for art.

The sentry just doesn’t work. From New Avengers #1 (where I first met the character) through World War Hulk and now Mighty Avengers, it’s still hard to endure this guy, because he just doesn’t seem to have grown AT ALL past “I’m powerful but also insane.” Maybe it’s because he’s prominent in a team book and doesn’t have a solo title, but it feels like this character is just the same character month in and month out.

lukehopkins isn’t into the Fantastic Four story this week, in contrast to our Pick of the Week, giving the story a 2, but the art a 5.

I really like the art but the story is derivative of a lot of things and that bugs me. Most obvious is the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy planet building, but also ideas from Idiocracy, as well as the whole Johnny Storm being pretty much straight out of the movie, which is more forgivable but still irksome.

TehDave checks into this week’s Wonder Woman, and is loving it, giving the story a 4, and the art a big ol’ 5.

The REAL reason to pick up this book, Bernard Chang’s art is amazing. Diana doesn’t look as statuesque and perfect as we normally see her – she seems much more unique and individual, while still appearing beautiful and powerful. The colors leap off the page and draw you in; the art captured me on page one and would not let go.

PV did a better job explaining Gutsville than I ever did, and therefore, he liked it a lot more than I did, giving 2 perfect 5’s.

The premise is a grabber – there’s a town living in the belly of a great whale, rift with a vicious caste system and a culture equal parts Victorian London and Puritan America, and rife with percolating revolution and dangerous magic-play. Not to mention the giant rats.

Those are just some of the great reviews and opinions we’ve been seeing here. We’d love to see more, and we’re going to make a habit of highlighting the folks who are writing about their comics. Thanks!





  1. Coolio.

  2. Good reviews from folks, but I only read one of the books that was reviewed.  It was nice to hear what other folks read though.

    If I had the loose money, I would be interested in picking up Wonder Woman because I’ve heard nothing but good things about it lately.  Also, Gutsville sounds interesting enough to get in trade format.


  3. While I haven’t read the latest issue of Wonder Woman yet, I can confirm that the Gail Simone run has been pretty solid so far.