Emma Stone is Gwen Stacy. Wait. What?

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed rumors that Emma Stone is joining the cast of Columbia's upcoming Spider-Man reboot. But no, Tiger. It's not quite the jackpot we were expecting. If the news is to be believed, this isn't our new Mary Jane Watson. The popularly red-headed Stone will return to her blonde roots (I read magazines) to play Gwen Stacy alongside Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker/Spider-Man. 


I just…..wha…..eh……..What?

Okay. Sure. 

But…did you look at the drawings and then at the headshot and then again at the drawings? Yes? Okay then. 

It's like looking at an actual toad and going, "You're gonna be perfect in our live action FROG AND TOAD biopic….as Frog!"

(I like Emma Stone a lot. She'll be terrific. But if there's an MJ in this flick, I'll be confused. I'm delicate.)


  1. Hair aside, she does not give me a Gwen vibe at all. Gwen is suppose to be very girl next doorish. Emma Stone totally gives me the whole MJ I’m a model vibe.

  2. Perfect. I wanted her as MJ but this works better. I love me some Emma Stone though, developed a mad crush on her after Zombieland. Now for MJ maybe we can try this again and have someone who is supermodel-y to play her.

  3. And this is why you don’t report on casting news until the deal is done.

  4. If they are still going off of Ultimate Spidey for this reboot, i actually think she’d make a really good Gwen.

  5. @SirCox I cant believe Im recommending this but check her out in House Bunny. She plays a nerd in that one quite convincingly. A bit more girl next door than her role in Zombieland. Im still waiting to see how Garfield looks in the suit, being that hes quite tall and a bit wire-y, but Im holding out hope that Webb has a vision for these movies that are more consistent with comic canon. With Raimis movies still fresh in our minds, as far as Im concerned the only way to successfully reboot the franchise is to be consistent with either Amazing or USM. Sounds like they wanted to go with USM but after casting Garfield I am more leery about them setting it in high school. Guess we’ll see what happened, but something tells me Webb is a fan of the material, and really wants to please with his version.

  6. She’s cute, she’s can be fun. I don’t have a problem with this. Hair can be changed, if needed, and presumably she can act since she makes a lot of money doing it.

  7. I think I am with holding judgement until I see who is being cast for MJ. She is hot though.

  8. I pledge to see this movie in the theater 10 TIMES if they cast Emma Stone as Mary Jane Watson AND Gwen Stacy. You know do some sort of blue screen/computer match-up sort of thing.  Kind of like a more serious version of Mike Myers as Dr. Evil and Austin Powers from the Austin Powers movies.

    I’m putting my pledge on the table, Sony — now it’s your move.

  9. Is this a mistake- ?

    That isn’t Mary Jane??




  10. Who cares which character she’s playing — she’s been 50% of the reason to see any movie she’s been in. She’s an awesome talent on the rise. And pulchritudinous.

  11. FYI Everyone: As Paul mentioned in the article above, Emma Stone is a natural blonde.

  12. @SirCox Maybe they’ll go with the original characterization of Gwen being a bitch?

  13. she gonna die

  14. @williamkscurryjr


  15. @DavidCW Will do. Thanks! I am not insulting her acting chops at all but from what I’ve seen of her, I just feel like there are better choices out there for Gwen.


    @Heroville If you’re talking about Ultimate Gwen then yeah probably. I didn’t even realize this movie was going to be based on Ultimate Spidey. If you’re talking about normal Gwen well, I don’t really consider her a bitch. She really spent all the issues she was in just pining over Peter. I actually find MJ a much more interesting character than Gwen but whatever.

  16. @Conor, "That’s what she said."

    (actually, that is what she said, so i guess this isn’t that funny of a joke.)

  17. She can only play Gwen Stacy if she gets to kill a few zombies and then gets cloned as part of the story 😉

  18. I’m going to reverse judgement until i see her a tight t-shirt in the rain. (sorry, that’s creepy) 


    But seriously, she a great actress, very charismatic  

  19. As a blonde, with her attitude, she works quite well as a USM version of Gwen. But, arguably, as a red head she works just as well, if not better, as MJ.

  20. @edward

     Thats not creepy. Thats a perfectly acceptable fantasy.

  21. reserve

  22. In "The Rocker" she has dirty blonde hair.

  23. hmm I never heard gwen having a deep manly voice in my head while reading those old issues of spider-man.

  24. MJ is a supporting character in this one. Gwen dies in the end, and MJ gets the lead in the next one.

  25. I love Emma Stone so I’m glad she’s going to be in this movie and I’m sure she will do a great job, I’ve liked her in everything she’s been in (yes even House Bunny).  Its just a little shocking that she’s Gwen and not MJ……oh well.

  26. No No no-

    It’s not just the hair color- who cares about that-

     It’s the personality- look at this picture alone= Mary Jane.

  27. @Clintaa – Exactly.  She sounds like an 80 year old with throat cancer.

  28. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    She has a husky voice. Which some people find appealing. 

  29. MMM.. I Love the husky voice.

  30. Her voice is overweight?  Or a dog?  Or an overweight dog?

    Wow, i just googled "Husky voice" and it is indeed real.  I guess you learn somethin’ new everyday.

  31. I totally thought she’d work better as Gwen.  Die her hair and slap on the headband, and we wouldn’t even be debating this, me thinks.

  32. Now all we need is that villain announcement.

  33. I have a huge crush on her, partly because of the red hair, and her sexy voice and now the hair is a lie! I don’t see Gwen, but what the hell, she’s a good actress and will be able to pull it off

  34. I first saw this article and said yeah she will be a great MJ. Then I read and was like, oh man, she gonna be Gwen, which means she gonna die. Bryce Dallas Howard looked like Gwen and all she did was die her hair, so it will be fine.

  35. Emma Stone is far from ungly but her face looks kinda busted at certain angles,,,I think Linsey Lohan would be a great MJ,,

  36. Love that sexy voice.

  37. @Paul: That’s why I subscribe to ‘The Husky Voice’ yearly.

    If they are going the USM route for the reboot then this casting isn’t that bizarre. There was more to Gwen in the USM universe then her looks. She was almost a completely different character then the original counterpart.

    So I’ll reserve judgment until a trailer hits. 

  38. @drnutz Lindsay MAY have been great when Mean Girls was out, since then? Not a chance.

  39. Sure, why not?

  40. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    God damn she’s hot. But she’s Mary Jane, right?

  41. Man o man I love me some Emma Stone,

  42. Love the choice….She totally has that girl next door appeal to her and is a pretty decent actress. I don’t understand the hair color controversy…i’m sure a trip to the salon for some color work won’t set the film budget back too much. 

  43. My reacion EXACTLY Paul!! lol  Couldn’t have said it better..

    Ok, yeah, she’s apparantly a natural blonde, but she’s mostly been seen as a red head.. and as a red head, she looked like a PERFECT fit for MJ..


  44. Good pic.  She would definitely make a great MJ with her red hair, but I think she’ll be a great Gwen. 

  45. Gwen, as a character in Amazing, suffers from a lack of sizzle.  She’s too much of a good girl to really be believable as a love interest for Peter/Spider-man.  She needs a little of that MJ sensibility (feisty, playful) to really work, which USM got right with its incarnation of Gwen.  With blonde hair and a headband, Emma Stone will be a knockout Gwen.  "The eyes have it."

  46. What the HELL?? If they’ve got HER playing Gwen, then who do they have playing KITTY PRYDE???  I think that’s the important question. 

  47. The real question is who is playing Principal Siuntres

  48. We are all ignoring the most crucial issue here: Will J.K. Simmons be returning as J. Jonah Jameson? I can’t sleep at night without knowing!

  49. So that carpet doesn’t match the drapes, eh? I’m surprised, it looks so natural for her. She’s adorable.

    Maybe they’ll have someone fight a giant spider in the third act.

    They are the most vicious predators in the insect kingdom…

  50. @kennyg Bam another Kevin Smith Joke!!

  51. @ccarney – Glad someone got it! Hopefully this movie isn’t heading down some crazy path like that Superman pitch meeting!