Emerald City Comic Con!

A little late with this, so apologies, but we are in Seattle for the Emerald City Comic Con! It’s a short convention, only Saturday and Sunday, but were super excited because look at all those creators attending! We’ll be walking the floor, working on a video episode as well as hanging out by the Around Comics table, so if you see us, please come say hi!

Unfortunately, we haven’t organized a meet up or anything — but we’ll be out and about on Saturday night, so the best way to follow us is to check the iFanboy Twitter.

Anyone going to the con? What are you looking forward to?



    I’m looking forward to that Spotlight on Tim Sale, The Image comics Show, and… well, you guys. It’ll be cool to see you guys hard at work or enjoying the con.

  2. Oh yeah, and Bryan Lee O’Malley is gonna be  there, that’ll be cool to get my Scott Pilgrim’s signed.

  3. Super pumped about this

    please please please lets have a drink up!


  4. One day I WILL make it to a con, in the meantime thank god you guys are so gret at covering them! Please try and score a chat with Bryan Lee O’Malley to talk about Scott Pilgrim (both the book and the upcoming Edgar Wright movie). Pleeeeeaaase???

  5. I second that – please try and interview Bryan Lee O’Malley while you are roaming the con floor! 

  6. I’ll be there.  I’m looking forward to the panels, most years I’ve not gone but this time I’m low on spending cash so that’ll be how I save some money. 

    Hoping to see you guys there too. 

  7. Anyone know if there’s a Twitter hash classification for the con?  You know like #eccc or something?

  8. I’m so disapointed. I’m just 3 hours away in Oregon and want to be there in the worst way. The whole mothers day weekend thing was not going to cut it though. My wife tolerates the comic expense. No way was she going to tolerate taking the boys to Seattle for a con when we should be with her. Although she loved Iron Man so much I might have been able to swing it. Next year I will be there. Hope you guys are going to come back.

  9. Awesome Con this year. Nothing better then Watching Kirkman and Brubaker just goof around for an hour straight.

  10. The show was great. The Marvel panel was hilarious and enjoyable even without Bendis there but the DC panel was a little weird. There were a lot of disgrunted fans and a lot of disgrunted questions so that did not make for a very positive environment.

    My purchase of the Con had to go to an original page signed by Jim Cheung from New Avengers #25, it’s a beautiful thing…….signed Sinestro Corps prints signed by van Sciver are a close second though.

     It was great to stop the ifanboys down and just say hello and that they’re doing a great job. They were all really nice and were working pretty hard at the con.

  11. Some Emerald City Con pics courtesy of Around Comics: