Either way, New Comics for 06/09/10 will be wearing a rumpled shirt and a loosened tie

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

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This week Conor has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Would you rather be a TV cop, a TV lawyer, or a TV doctor? And why.


  1. Avengers Academy #1
    Batman #700
    Captain America #606
    Invincible Iron Man #27
    Jonah Hex #56
    Punisher Max #8
    S.H.I.E.L.D. #2

    Short stack for me this week and as always I’m looking forward to reading some Jonah Hex.

    BQ: I guess TV doctor because they get laid more and tend not to get shot at. I just don’t want to work in the same hospital as House.

  2. Batman #700, Invincible Iron Man #27, Nemesis #2, S.H.I.E.L.D. #2, Spider-Man Fever #3, and  Uncanny X-Men #525.

    BQ:  I’d go with doctor and work at Sacred Heart….that should be a good time.

  3. Truly a week worth drooling over.  Morrison back on the main Batman book with an epic artistic roster, new Tom Strong by Sprouse, Iron Man, SHIELD and lots of collections, like a new Gotham Central HC for the shelf (should I just sell my singles now, as I’m clearly committed to doubledipping on this series) and Irredeemable Trade.  Daredevil better blow me away as I’m looking for titles to cull right now.  And my guilty purchase of the week is Rawhide Kid, but I just couldn’t say no to Howard Chaykin western art.

    BQ:  Great question.  As a reality cop, I’d have to go with TV cop.  It just seems like a far more tortured vocation, and you get nice songs played in the background while you mete out what passes for justice in your cold, harsh world.  Mmmmm, noble….

  4. Oh! Greendale’s only 19.99?  Twenty bucks for Cliff Chiang art in a hardcover?!  I find myself hoping my LCS have a few for the shelf…

  5. DC has just been really ruling over my weekly stash as of late.  Now I got Batman #700, Batgirl, Daytripper, and Unwritten to continue that trend.  But I’m glad we’re finally getting another S.H.I.E.L.D. issue – stellar start from the freaky and innovative mind of Hickman.

    BQ: Definitely a TV doctor – I’d finally have an excuse to use my Operation game and Mr. Potato Head doll in many creative ways 🙂

  6. Gotham Central hardcover? New Avengers hardcover? Just take the money.

    BQ: TV cop. You can draw a gun willy-nilly without ever setting foot in a courtroom or hospital.

  7. Doom Patrol and GA/BC trades this week.

    BQ: Cop. A wisecracking partner (I’d be the tough one) and a long-suffering Chief beats any job.

  8. Big week!

     Batgirl #11, Hack Slash My First Maniac #1, Captain America #606, Chew #11, Daytripper #7, Invincible Iron Man #27, Shield #2, Unwritten #14 and maybe the Gotham Central hardcover. Too much!


    BQ: TV doctor because they get all the action and eventually move on to romantic comedies. 

  9. Looking forward to Unwritten, Uncanny XM, Daytripper, and Batman 700.

    BQ: Doctor. For the ladies.

  10. Avengers Academy, Booster Gold, Chew, Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes, Unwritten, and Young Allies. I might end up grabbing Jonah Hex, too.

    BQ: For a drama? A lawyer. For a sitcom? Cop.

  11. It’s only four books, which is kinda slow…..But good lord is it all fantastic, 5-star books.

    Batman #700, Chew #11, Punisher MAX #8, and SHIELD #2.

    BQ: TV Cops. Cause at least I’ll die in a blaze of glory. 

  12. Pretty good looking week. I’m interested in seeing where the final act of Second Coming goes, and am highly looking forward to the second issue of Pak and Van Lente’s Prince of Power mini. I’m also interested in this new Captain America arc, as Zemo is a character I have a great fondness for, so I’m glad to see him back here and in Thunderbolts. As for SHIELD, I’m giving that series one more issue to turn itself around before dropping it. The first issue had alot of cool continuity porn stuff, but nothing really to hook me storywise.


    BQ: TV cop, since my wild vigilante actions would only be reprimanded by a stern talking to by the chief. Heck, I wouldn’t even need to do the paperwork for the crazy adventures I’d get into! Sure, I’d probably have to bitch about the paperwork, but I won’t have to actually do it.

  13. Just Daytripper #7 this week.

    BQ: TV doctor. Why? Supply closet quickies.

  14. Samuel Fryer

     to BRAVE

    show details 11:55 AM (3 hours ago)

    Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #2
    Batman #700
    Chew #11
    Invincible Iron Man #27
    PunisherMAX #8
    Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #3
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #11
    Uncanny X-Men #525

    BQ: TV doctor, but on a sitcom, not a drama like ER. Mainly for the chicks and the paycheck.

  15. BQ: Alcoholic TV cop with a death wish that does whatever is necessary to bring the bad guy to justice. I’d also have an ex-wife that hates me and keeps my 3 kids from knowing anything about their father as I struggle desperatley to make some sort of connection from them. To top it all off, she is dating my partner.

  16. BQ:  None of the above….I like to sleep too much.

  17. BQ: doctor, if only so I can say: "Dammit, I’m a doctor, not a…"

  18. One book for me this week! ONE BOOK!! I can’t remember the last time that happened. Normally I’d be whining but I could use the extra cash. Though I will be considering the "Light Week?" suggestions more than usual this week. So make ’em good fellas. 🙂

    BQ: TV Cop. You get to be partnered with your total opposite, carry a gun and fire it at your leisure, and you’ll most likely have a sweet slow-motion theme sequence. What’s not to love? Everyone looks cool in slow-mo. Everyone.

  19. TV Cop. TV Lawyers have to be quippy and I am NOT quippy. And TV doctors get no respect (see Scrubs). TV cops get action. Read that anyway you wanna.

  20. Captain America or Nemesis, I have to choose one. Been wanting to drop Cap for a while, but am scared it might get good again. Nemesis, I just don’t know if its good or not yet.



  21. A big (holy crap, 13 books!), but awesome week for me.  Looking forward to more Batgirl, Batman #700, Greendale HC, Invincible Iron Man, Daytripper, and Unwritten. 

    BQ:  Probably a cop, though I’d be the "Soap" of the department.

  22. BQ: Doctor. Preferable Doctor House!

  23. four books which is alot for me lol

    Chew Vol 2, Batman #700, G.I. Joe Cobra #5, Jonah Hex #56 


    im pretty psyched though 

  24. So far, it’s:

    Batman #700
    Daredevil #507
    Justice League Generation Lost #3
    Punisher Max #8
    S.H.I.E.L.D. #2
    Secret Six #22

    I may grab a few others as well if something strikes my fancy or they have some of the things I missed back in.

    TV Doctor, because they make bank and get mad chicks. 


  25. TV Cop, they’re bad ass, but without real consequences


    Batman #700, Invincible Iron Man #27, Nemesis #2,Justice League Generation Lost #3,Secret Six #22, and BOOSTERGOLD top my list.


    BQ: TV lawyer for sure, I love to run my mouth.

  27. Invincible Iron Man is on the chopping block. I’m just not feeling the same energy that the pre Heroic Age book had. I’ll see this arc out though.

    BQ: I’d be a TV Doctor as long as I could be The Doctor. I’ve already got the sonic screwdriver.

  28. As an actual lawyer, I would much much rather be a TV lawyer.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen an episode of LA Law or The Practice where a lawyer spent all day locked up in an office doing doc review.

  29. 4 books this week, plus Irredeemable from last week (wasn’t going to the store for one comic). Looking forward to Invincible Iron man most, but I’m curious about Avengers Academy.

    BQ: TV doctor, because I might be able to work at Princeton plainsboro and get a shot at Thirteen.  

  30. An eclectic group of Books for this Week: Chew, GI Joe: Cobra, Shield, and The Unwritten.

    BQ: Whatever I choose one things for sure….My lifes about to get a whole lot sexier!

  31. Uncanny X men

    X Men Xenogenesis


    BQ: A doctor of but only if it’s Dr. Who 

  32. Just Daytripper this week… I recently switched to trades for Cobra and Unwritten, so that takes out most of this week.

    BQ: Television EMT… there lives are so exciting (I’m changing Doctor slightly here) 

  33. Im excited for Avengers Academy #1 Batman #700
    Daredevil #507
    Justice League Generation Lost #3
    Punisher Max #8
    S.H.I.E.L.D. #2
    Secret Six #22

    i might try out other stuff if i feel like it

    and for the question: TV Doctor so I can "die" on Flight 815 and Be Jack Shepard

  34. No books for me, so I’ll be using that as an excuse to pick up the first Annihilation trade, or maybe a used Remender Punisher or Fear Agent trade since the Talksplode got me thinking about it. Herm…

    BQ:  Cop for a sitcom, Lawyer for a drama (…Boston Legal was great).

  35. A TV cop or even better a private eye…

  36. Expensive week with all those trades.

    For Comics shipping on 06/09/10
    Chew Tp Vol 02 International Flavor
    Gotham Central Hc Vol 03 On The Freak Beat
    Irredeemable Tp Vol 03
    Nemesis #2 (OF 4)
    S.H.I.E.L.D. #2
    Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #3
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #11
    Unwritten #14

    BQ: Doctor, dont want to get shot at, don’t want to defend the indefensible. Therefore Doc.

  37. BQ: can I be the writer shadowing a TV cop?

  38. One book last week and only two this week: Captain America & Ultimate Spider-Man, my two favorite Marvel books. I’m dropping The Unwritten. I loved the first 6 issues, but have 7-13 sitting there waiting to be read. I think I should switch to trades on this one. BQ: TV doctor, but only if I could work at Sacred Heart and join a lip sync band.

  39. if I were to guess Conor’s pick (without reading any of the books) I going to go with SHIELD #2 or Justice League: Generation Lost #3……Batman seems to be too on the nose.