Early Look: Upcoming Frank Quitely BATMAN AND ROBIN Covers

The DC Blog was just overflowing with goodies this week, not he least of which are early, uncolored looks at some upcoming Frank Quitely covers!

Batman and Robin #9
Batman and Robin #9

Batman and Robin #10
Batman and Robin #10

Could the honeymoon be over for Dick and Damien? Is Batman and Robin going to turn into some sort of Spy vs Spy or Wile E. Coyote vs. Road Runner story? We'll find out in 2010!


  1. It would be hilarious if these scenes had nothing to do with the actual stories. No knights, no swords, no nearly tossing Damian to his death. Just beautiful, wonderful covers. I’d be just fine with that.

  2. Judging by the armor behind Damien in #10, this might be connected to the Dick and Squire pics we’ve been seeing.

    My guess is that the little brat gets jealous, murders Dick, bingo-bango, Bruce is Batman again and DiDio gets what he "doesn’t really want anymore." Wait, that’s not my guess at all. 

  3. That first cover is a little too dark uncolored. But the cover for #10 is awesome. That sword is twice the size of Damian.

  4. As much as I love Quitely covers, I would much rather see him working on the interior art.

  5. Did Damien steal that sword from William Wallace?

  6. @hakaider – I was thinking Squire is filling in for Damian cause Damian is hurt.



  7. Is Quietly coming back on issue #10?

  8. Looks like Batman be heading for trouble.

  9. Magnificent. 

  10. @hakaider, hmm thats actually possible. My first thought when I saw that knight armor was that it was in Wayne Manor(like armory Bruce had in Batman 89)

  11. I’m amazed he can lift that claymore.

  12. @AmirCat – I figured that much, which seems like it might be fun.

  13. @JeffR: Wait this isn’t Marvel.

  14. Sweet.

    You know I miss Quitely as much as anyone. But these magnificent covers do the job for me.

  15. Maybe they get brainwashed into killing each other?  I hope this title doesn’t get delayed with Morrison doing the Return Of Bruce Wayne story too…

  16. Damn, why CAN’T he do the interiors?? Anyone know? What is he drawing currently?

  17. @Jesse1125

    He will be doing interiors on the book again. He isn’t fast enough to do every issue of the monthly, so he is trading off story arcs with other artists to keep the book on schedule.  

  18. hate to be a scrooge, but who fucking cares about the covers?  They look awesome, its just so disappointing to not have Quitely on the actual book are for the foreseeable future.

  19. yup

  20. I love that scratchy look he’s using at the moment, but I also think it’s the mood of the covers.  #10 especially makes me think of those kerazy silver age titles like, "Robin dies at dawn".  This is a Batman Vs Robin story that might actually happen and, let’s be honest, Damian isn’t likely to pull any punches.

  21. I heard Quitely isn’t coming back until #13 if at all.  Oh well.  I’m more worried about the writer then the artist anyway.

  22. Ron and anyone else waiting to read this series again once Quitely comes back is going to be waiting a looooonnnng time then.

  23. Yes it’s a bitch Quitely isn’t coming back for an age but DAMN I love me some Cameron Stewart art!

  24. Andy Clarke is taking over with issue 10 for an arc called "Batman vs. Robin." Presumably, Quitely will return with issue 13, which should be released around the same middle of the "Return of Bruce Wayne" mini-series. Here’s the cover for issue 11, by Clarke: http://robot6.comicbookresources.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/bar11-andy-clarke.jpg

  25. Anyone who is boycotting this series until Quitely gets back is really spiting themselves. Yes, Quitely is the perfect match for Morrison, and yes Philip Tan’s art was subpar to all of us except for five people who liked it. But this series is an ONGOING story with a BUILDING MYSTERY. I understand that this aspect of Morrison’s writing isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but it’s going to be really annoying (and unnecessary) to hear all the "I don’t get it"s once Quitely comes back and people jump back on board. DC’s marketing department isn’t going to tell you this, but with Morrison’s Batman you almost NEED to read every single Batman-related issue he’s written. You need to piece all the little details together. You get so much more out of it that way. It’s really worth it, even if he’s not always working with great artists.

  26. @ComicBookGuy

    Hopefully the interior looks better than that… 

  27. Still don’t like Quitely.


  28. love’em!

  29. I’m with JeffR I’m hoping the covers have nothing to do with the story. The spy vs. spy idea is just perfect. It’ll keep me buying the title. It would be great if they up the ante each month too, making the situations worse and worse.

  30. Updated with one color version.

  31. Hmmm. Censorship.