Drug-Fueled Comic Book Collection?

The expose website The Smoking Gun has highlighted the exploits of Aaron Castro, a 30 year old Colorado man accused of drug dealing. Sadly, arrests for drug dealing aren't unusual — but what is unusual is what Federal prosecutors say he spent the profits on.

Comic Books.

According to a forfeiture complaint filed by prosecutors at U.S. District Court, Castro funneled his large-scale drug profits into the acquisition of comic books. In an interview with an accomplice conducted by police, he "began to struggle with money because he would spend his drug money on comic books." The informat said that they would arrange meet-ups at area comic book stores where drug profits were used to buy comics — a box at a time."

An excerpt from court records say that the prosecutors are going after 18,753 comics in total, estimated to be valued over $500,000. Now that might sound a lot, but according to the iFanboy computer system that works out to an average value of $26.62 per comic. Is it really worth a half a million dollars, or is it just boxes of the Death of Superman?


  1. It’s terrible what comics are doing to kids these day. With the maining lining “chew” between there toes or into their penis. i used to just do a little conan with friend back in collage but nothing like this

  2. Foil covers man

  3. Don’t suppose he has that Speedy storyline from Green Arrow/Green Lantern?

  4. Funny, he doesn’t look like you typical comic book reader/drug dealer.

    Foil cover comics – not just for chopping up your cocaine anymore!

    NEW! Variant covers are also blotter acid.

    Ecstacy = 100 copies of Youngblood 1

  5. All Death of Superman issues? Don’t be silly! He’s got some Xmen #1 gatefold covers and WILDCATS sprinkled in there, too.

  6. This story is old. I read it a week or two ago on bleeding cool. But thank you for the weird picture of the guy

  7. This illustrates the extreme side of obsessive collecting. There was a guy at one of my local comic shops…he seemed to know everything, read everything…cool guy. Was stealing tens of thousands of dollars of stuff over the years to fuel is obsession. Little bits here and there. Lots of back issues. Ordering things just for himself, buying from walk-ins with company money to add to his collection. Totally messed up. 

    I think the deal was, the shop presses charges, or he loads up his entire comic collection into a uhaul and it becomes the shop’s to sell. He took the uhaul. 

  8. That may be what they were talking about at my LCS. I think this guys was a regular!

  9. Don’t forget the chromium covers.

  10. I wonder if he was planning on laundering the drug money by selling the comics? If so, his plan would have worked much better in the 90s.

  11. *psst*
     got that CGC graded 9.9mint copy of Spawn#1?

  12. I’m sure most of what he bought was a good investment. He sounds like a pretty clear thinker.

  13. Dibs on his Dr. Strange collection.

  14. So theoretically these would then go up on public auction? iFanbase get your checkbooks ready!

  15. So someone actually DID buy the entirety of the In Stock Trades.com Warehouse!

  16. I expect his arrest to mostly effect Deadpool issues.

  17. You know how Ron bought 25 copies od Darkhawk?

    Well this man bought the other 75.

  18. I am buying a seized convertible and the complete run of Nomad at the public auction. 

    Thank you drug dealers!

  19. Damnit took my joke

  20. @TheNextChampion  Actually he was a Deadpool fan. He’s drug addled mind couldn’t focus for long enough to read anything else

  21. I like the ad below the story:
     Fired Workers Burn Indian Executive to Death.

    Oh advertising, how do you work? 

  22. Too bad Ron didn’t hear of this guy before he got busted.  He could have unloaded his 25 copies of X-Men #1.

  23. For the next BBQ episode, the guys should be smoking doobs as well as having beers and food.

  24. ” Put that money in my hand little man or you will owe me owe me oh………my jungle love!”
    Its hard times out there for a pimp  comic book readers. Got to do what you gotta do man. I bet he has a full run of The Sentry and a copy of Secrets Wars 8 and ASM 300!