Doug TenNapel Debuts New Webcomic, RATFIST

Go and read the first page of Ratfist.  It's free, it's daily, and it's by Doug TenNapel, known best for coming up with Earthworm Jim, and other great graphic novels like Iron West, Gear, Earthboy Jacobus, Power Up, and many more.  But he's doing a webcomic now, and it starts today. 

Here's a taste, but go to the Ratfist site for the whole page.


TenNapel makes a brush dance like no other, and his imagination is also unparalleled. And it's right there for free, with just a touch of patience. You can also visit his main website.


  1. I’m intrigued.

  2. Freakin’ sweet! I’ll be following this one.

  3. I’ll have to keep an eye on this. Looks like it’ll be good. 

  4. I just started giving webcomics a chance and this is definitely one I’ll be following.  First page looks like we’re in for a lot of fun.

  5. @lifesend  check out axecop if you havent already. 

    This looks fun.

  6. I don’t read any webcomics right now.  I’m all over this.


  8. @ed209AF  Thanks, I will.